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Feedback 2023

Feedback 2023

Reena Surana, Founder, Artyfacts By Reena & Rhythm of Breath

Every recognition and award adds value to what you are doing in life. It was an honor to be recognized and receive the award by World Women Leadership Congress and CMO Asia for our work. Heartfelt gratitude to Dr. R.L. Bhatia and Aalok Pandit ji for providing us this platform.

Bindu Damodaran, CEO & Co-Founder, Essens Wellness

The Indonesia Leadership Awards & Indonesia's Woman Leaders Awards is a prestigious platform that honors outstanding leaders of Indonesia. It's a celebration of exemplary leadership and shines a spotlight on their remarkable contributions. The event not only recognizes their outstanding achievements but also fosters a community of support and collaboration to further amplify their impact on society. As an attendee, I was deeply moved by the powerful stories and accomplishments of the honorees, and I am confident that these Awards will continue to play a pivotal role in promoting leadership in Indonesia.

Dina Bhirawa, Head of Marketing, SnackVideo Indonesia

First of all, I would like to say Thank you and It's been my honor to get this appreciation and award from the CMO organization. More than 20 year working as a marketer. I'm surprised that the CMO detected and took attention to my career. In 20 year work as marketer and 10 year in digital industry lately, I witness the internet technology progress to our working environment. And I'm appreciate that CMO bring and show that Woman also have equal position and opportunities with a man thru this awards. Thank you for having and choosing me for these rewards.

Asha Arondekar, Founder, Global to Local

Dr. Aalok...........Thank you very much for the felicitation and recognition. It was a beautiful, personal and divine program with your personal touch which made the difference. Happy to be a part.

Rashmi Nandkeolyar, Principal and Director, Delhi Private School Dubai

Gratitude to the World Women Leadership Congress & Awards® for honouring me with the Middle East's Woman Leader Award. I also extend my heartfelt appreciation to the entire team, who worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the event. The dedication and efforts of the staff were commendable, while their passion for creating an unforgettable experience was palpable throughout the evening.

Winnie Mills-Amui, Entrepreneur, Founder and Creative Director, Winifred Mills Clothing Brand

I am deeply honored and humbled to receive the prestigious title of "Middle East's Woman Leader" from the World Women Leadership Congress. This recognition stands as a testament to the collective efforts of Winifred Mills Fashion and our commitment to empowering women through inclusivity, creativity, and innovation.

Creating Winifred Mills has been a journey fueled by a deep desire to bridge the gap in the fashion industry, ensuring that every woman, regardless of size or background, can embrace their unique beauty and strength. This honor is a recognition of our dedication to celebrating diversity and empowering women on a global scale.

I firmly believe that true leadership lies in empowering others, and this award reinforces our belief in the transformative power of fashion to inspire, uplift, and make a positive difference in the lives of women. I am immensely grateful to my team, supporters, and all those who have been a part of this empowering journey.

This award is not just a personal achievement but a reflection of the collective effort of our Winifred Mills family. It motivates us to continue our mission of empowering and inspiring women through the art of fashion. Thank you, World Women Leadership Congress, for this incredible recognition.

Asha Vernekar, Founder, Goa Livelihoods Forum

Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work" My sincere thanks to your organization CMO ASIA for recognising our efforts in such a personalized and emotional manner ! Your function moved us touched us and inspired us to do more and touch many lives to empower them. Today the world is going through a turmoil and we need more people like you to spread the light of love,compassion and faith to establish positive sustainable change.

Prof. Abhilasha Singh, Vice President for Academic Affairs, American University in the Emirates, Dubai

"Receiving the Middle East's Woman Leader award is a tremendous honor and an achievement that fills me with gratitude and pride. I want to express my deep appreciation to the organizers of this esteemed recognition for their acknowledgment of my contributions to leadership in the Middle East. I am deeply humbled by this recognition and motivated to contribute to the advancement of this region. Thank you for this incredible honor, which serves as a reminder that every small step toward progress is part of a larger journey toward a more equitable and prosperous region and that we have a responsibility to be role models and mentors for the next generation of women leaders."

Shyama Chakraborty, Senior Vice President, QAI India Limited

"Kudos for all the efforts made in order to find the right leaders who were worthy of felicitation. I enjoyed being part of the panel on sustainability, networking with so many successful people and of course receiving the leadership award. Thank you"

Manisha Thaker, Export Import Faculty And Corporate Trainer

"I am deeply honored & with my heart flowing with immense gratitude to receive The Gujarat Woman's Leadership Award 2023 from the World Women's Leadership Congress. This award is a testament to the dedication and resilience of women leaders in Gujarat, and it motivates me to continue pushing boundaries and empowering others. I am grateful for the recognition and look forward to contributing even more to the advancement of women's leadership in the years to come.
Thank you to the World Women's Leadership Congress for this prestigious honour."

Architect Dr. Ponni M . Concessao, Founder & Principal Architect, Oscar & Ponni + Rahul Architects

Thank you CMO Asia Awards for honouring me with prestigious Asian Women Leadership Award for Architecture in Singapore.
The CMO Asia Awards has been a tremendous global forum of recognising exceptionally talented women from all corners of Asia. It was a true delight to participate in this global event and meet women who are brilliant experts in different fields, contributing to their respective societies and communities. It is amazing to experience the greatness of women's leadership and what miracles that women's empowerment can do for the world. Congratulations to Dr. R. L. Bhatia and Dr Alok Pandit for bringing us all together and celebrating the brilliant feminine spirit of the universe.

Laila White, CEO, aQieve Pte Ltd.

Thank you very much for including me in this prestigious event.
I am very grateful and humbled by the recognition from World Women Leadership Congress and Awards. Being acknowledged for Asia's Woman Leaders Award is a great honor as it was totally unexpected. To be among other winners especially the women, makes me feel so proud and makes my heart filled with love. As I get up, dress up and show up everyday, without any expectations to be acknowledged, this award confirms that I am on the right track . Which is to help anyone in need of a change,be it in mind, body or spirit. With my experience and knowledge in the fitness and wellness, i shall continue to do what i do best which is to pass it forward, to be human, care and most importantly be compassionate, this is our duty in LIFE.
Thank you once again for including the little old me, a girl who came for a village in Singapore.

Grace Kagahastian, Founder, Executive Coach and Consultant, PAUSE Life Coaching Services

When you think nobody is watching, CMO Asia is watching...

It's a great honor to be standing on stage with women who made a mark in what they do. As an introverted woman, I seldom want to be in the limelight because my ultimate role as a Professional Coach is to let others shine. Throughout this experience, I am starting to learn that being seen is not something to be ashamed of, but instead, to just relish the moment because your voice, including mine matters.

I now stand by the Filipino pride, who is dedicated to be of service to people and the global community. Thank you, CMO Asia for this recognition as this is a reminder to continue what I've started. Congratulations to all the awardees who make positive change that shape the world around us.♡

Dr. Gayatri Phade, Professor, Sandip Institute of Technology & Research Centre Nashik

It was great to receive the World Women Leadership Congress & Awards® Presented "Nashik's Woman Leader" Award on 3rd August, 2023 at Hotel Gateway, Ambad, Nashik. Thank you Dr Bhatia and Dr Aalok Pandit for this award and recognition.

I would like to dedicate this award to my Institute, students and staff who gave me the platform to grow in 360 degrees; also to everyone who supported me directly and indirectly.

Muna Al Shukaili, Chief Executive Officer, Al Massa for CSR Management & Marketing

I am absolutely delighted and honored to be recognized as a #womanleader in #oman among so many talented and incredible ladies. This recognition by #world Women Leadership Congress not only fills me with happiness, but also fuels my passion to inspire other women to pursue their dreams and reach their fullest potential. Together, we can break down barriers, shatter glass ceilings, and create a world where women are celebrated and empowered in every sphere. Let's continue lifting each other up and making a difference. Congratulations to all the remarkable women who were felicitated with the "Oman's Women Leaders" for their outstanding leadership, accomplishments, and contributions to society.

Poornima Datta Toprani, Stand Up Comedian and Creative Director of Films

You actually perform solo Stand up comedy?!! You?!! - is a standard reaction!

So this was a pleasant surprise - The World Women Leadership Congress presented the "Mumbai's Woman Leaders" awards last week at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai, to celebrate Women Leaders and Achievers in several geographic regions nationally and globally. The ceremony celebrated and recognised some of the finest woman leaders & achievers in organizations which believe in producing leaders of change & nurture gender diversity as a talent management strategy in sync with the vision & the mission of the organization. Yours truly was honoured to have been awarded for daring to be different - Stand up comedy! 🎤🤩💃🏻

The entire program was chaired by Dr R.L Bhatia, Founder World CSR Day, World Sustainability and World Women Leadership Congress. Leadership Congress. The jury consisted of senior leaders, researchers and academicians.

Extremely grateful to Dr.Aalok Pandit, the jury and the academic committee for having presented me with the "Mumbai's Woman Leader" title.

Comedy is serious business!You actually perform solo Stand up comedy?!! You?!! - is a standard reaction!

So this was a pleasant surprise - The World Women Leadership Congress presented the "Mumbai's Woman Leaders" awards last week at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai, to celebrate Women Leaders and Achievers in several geographic regions nationally and globally. The ceremony celebrated and recognised some of the finest woman leaders & achievers in organizations which believe in producing leaders of change & nurture gender diversity as a talent management strategy in sync with the vision & the mission of the organization. Yours truly was honoured to have been awarded for daring to be different - Stand up comedy! 🎤🤩💃🏻

The entire program was chaired by Dr R.L Bhatia, Founder World CSR Day, World Sustainability and World Women Leadership Congress. Leadership Congress. The jury consisted of senior leaders, researchers and academicians.

Extremely grateful to Dr.Aalok Pandit, the jury and the academic committee for having presented me with the "Mumbai's Woman Leader" title.

Comedy is serious business!

Hawraa Fida Hussain, Head - Customer Experience, Al Mouj Muscat

Thank you sincerely for honoring me with the prestigious title of Oman's Woman Leader. I am deeply humbled and grateful for this recognition. This award holds a special place in my heart as it symbolizes the progress we are making towards gender equality and empowerment in our country, Oman.

Laila AL Hadhrami, Managing Director, Communities Connect Cities (C3), Smart and Sustainable Cities Advisor | Metaverse Advisor | Visionary | Futurist | Digital Transformation | Empower Organizations | Innovation | Global Keynote Speaker | Author | Tourism expert

This event is a great opportunity to celebrate and recognize the powerful women who had a remarkable impact because of their dedicated efforts. It is a great opportunity to say thank you and we are proud of you.

Insia Dariwala, Co-Founder, Sahiyo

I have been to many award functions in India and yet the diversity of this award event was something that really took me by surprise. It was an event which brought together achievers from all walks of life-be it the hospitality industry, media, technology or even philanthropy. I was also happy to see an award function which celebrated so many women leaders as well, myself being one of them. I am grateful to the organisers, especially Dr. Bhatia and Dr. Alok for validating the work, which I do in the space of being a changemaker. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Anindita Ghosh, Associate Director - Human Resources (People & Culture), Integrated Project Services (IPS India Group)

I'm immensely thankful to WWLC team, for the honour and felicitation and the wonderful event experience.

Kudos to this platform for serving such a noble cause of giving recognition to so many women leaders year on year.

Sunayana Nair, Production Lead - Brands,, Agrahyah Technologies

I'm so grateful to have shared the stage with such enterprising, luminous minds from all walks of life. Thank you, the entire team of CMO Asia, for a memorable evening and for the exceptional work you are doing.

Sujata Samant, Director Marketing, Colors Marathi, Viacom 18 Media Private Limited

This is a great initiative by World Women Leadership Congress to recognise and celebrate Women in position of leadership. I am full of gratitude and feel deeply honoured to have been considered worthy for this reward, as I share this with many other fellow and exemplary Women Leaders. Consistency, Perseverance and Passion always paves way to Excellence; that coupled with support from family, colleagues and mentors has helped me win this recognition. To all my fellow Women existing and budding Leaders, I would just like to say, keep sky as your limit and continue your flight with one step at a time. Cheers!

Meeta Mathur, Director – Taanyakrafts, Founder, Chief Coach – BIG LADDER

My earnest thanks for considering me for this prestigious award that recognised my work in the field of leadership development. It boosts our morale and encourages us to persevere and put more energy into our work.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. R. L. Bhatia, Dr. Aalok Pandit and the entire team that put up such a spectacular show.
Special mention for Dr. Aalok Pandit's for his commitment to the cause and persistent followup.

I would like to stay in touch to pursue my purpose of women empowerment and leadership.

Anubha Singhai, Director, PhysiQure

It was an honour to be felicitated with Madhya Pradesh Women Leaders' Award. The event was flawless and truly inspirational. The jury has chosen all the Awardees very carefully and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the honour.

Mary Ruth Antonio Oquendo, Vice President and General Manager, QLO-Quick Loans Online

It was an honor to be recognized by CMO Asia and World Women Congress as a distinguished Philippines Woman Leader. I laud the organizers for their endevour to highlight and create awareness on the contributions of women leaders in the workplace and various industries.

Marlene Lucero-Calubag, Executive Director, National Tax Research Center

"For somebody who is used to working at the background, being recognized in such a prestigious ceremony, was a big surprise for me. I was awed by the presence of the organizers, in the sense, global, and the various winners in the different categories- the Brands- contributing to our economy, in terms of revenue and livelihood opportunities, making this part of the world a much better place to live in.

I loved the part where winners were given the platform amplifying their positive impact to the country's economy, their employees, and thriving out especially after the pandemic. And I agree to everything I witnessed in that event being one of their consumers/followers, one way or the other.

I thank the award-giving body; I wished I knew who nominated me to my category of Women leaders, so I could personally thank them and may be ask what made them choose me? Kidding aside, the experience was great, both humbling and thankful for doing what I can to make a difference in my professional world. Of course, no one is perfect, and we cannot please everyone, but that should not stop us from showcasing what is good for the majority of the people under our care.

Kudos to all who made this possible to a public servant like me. Thank you.

Casey Ordoña, Managing Director, EVOLVE Digital Group

Thank you so much for arranging the recognition ceremony. This is truly empowering for individuals like me who are trying to make a possible impact to the world through little ways. More power to your organization and may you inspire more leaders like me.

Dr. Cristina L. Yuson, National President, Girl Scouts of the Philippines

Thank you once again for the Life Time Achievement recognition from your organization and the World Women Congress. In many ways, this Award validates that women (and I include girls) can pursue their service to others, without material considerations but more in solidarity with humanity. I am deeply honored to be part of the Philippines Woman Leaders 2023.

Lakshmi Mini, Head Intervention -CopConnect, Cybercrime Intervention Officer-ISAC, Cofounder and CEO-GoHuddle, Co-organizer and Director of Operations -Tedx YB, Startup mentor| Defence Researcher -DRaS

Thank you so much dear team for felicitating me with this prestigious award. I have been rejecting a few awards recently when I felt the focus was mainly on the monetary and other superficial aspects. In a world where there are numerous alternatives to working hard, I am glad I found this team of World Women Leadership Congress & Awards®, who does extensive research and focus on the skills and contribution of the individuals over anything.

I was super elated when I received a mail from Dr Aalok Pandit sir, who himself is a very strong and highly ethical leader. I had a few constraints including my unavailability for the award ceremony. He was persistent that his team's effort to find a deserving candidate must not go in vain. It wasn't like 'If one candidate is unavailable, move on to the next'. This team truly believe in acknowledging the efforts of individuals and aim at motivating them to do better for their society. I never aspired for any awards but when I received this one, I felt I must do even better. Being felicitated with this award has definitely enhanced my confidence and I am sure many other women will be motivated to break the limitations tagged on them and kick the obstacles ahead and achieve greater heights. Kudos dear team and I really appreciate your professionalism, commitment and excellence for this beautiful cause.

Vanitha Mani Thevaratnam, Brand Director, Talon Creative Sdn Bhd

"There is no one who is too small to lead positive change or make them; it's all about instilling positive mindsets towards a better tomorrow! I believe that as a woman, we are constantly learning as we grow into our own; as a mom, sister, daughter, niece, friend and career woman. Today, despite the discrimination, hurdles and challenges that have come my way; I am glad that I didn't change the way I wanted to navigate life to its best. Being a leader isn't a title or owning your own office. It is about having the passion to inspire others to dream, learn and continue the legacy to change mindset at the workplace, home and play. Thank you to the World Women Leadership Congress for this humble win that comes with a big impact. Here's towards a continued dedication to elevate women's opportunity at the workplace, at home and in our neighbourhood - cause everyday there is a woman who is stepping up to the plate of positive growth"

Nicole Soo, Chief Executive Officer, Neutra Reflexology Sdn Bhd

Dear Dr. Aalok, First of all I wish to thank you for contacting me personally and inviting me to accept the award.
It is a great honor for me to receive this special award- Malaysia's Woman Leader. This accomplishment is a significant milestone in my life. Thank you to Dr R L Bhatia, CMO Asia, senior leaders, researchers and academicians from the World Women Leadership Congress for this great recognition, it motivates me to continue to work hard. I would like to thank all of you who are believing in me. When you help a woman fulfill her potential, magic happens. Greatness is inspiring others to be their best.
All the best to you & the team.

Dato' 'Aliyah Karen, Founder, AKRAB Resources

"True leaders and changemakers don't do work for recognition, but they do work which is so worthy to be recognised. Recognition is a great form of motivation. They who feel appreciated will go beyond and do more than expected of them. Thank you to the World Women Leadership Congress for recognising and shouting out these individuals who truly deserve the praise for being extraordinary. Today being mediocre is like swimming in shallow waters. Breaking barriers and crossing boundaries towards growth and success is the new norm of an inspiring leader."

Annpurna Pradhan, Ph.D. Research Scholar, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela

Thank you so much!!!

It's an absolute honor and privilege to get the Odisha Women Leadership Award. It's such a wonderful initiative by the team of World women leadership Congress and Award, to recognise the talent not only in India and around the world, but also the regional parts of India. Recognition like these always motivates you and pushes you harder to follow your dreams. Also the way of conducting the program is commendable. The sheer energy of Dr.Bhatia just rubbed off not only on me but each and everyone present there. What I take back after this extraordinary event is positive energy and enthusiasm to work even harder and reaching even greater heights by contributing to the growth of our wonderful nation which we are all proud of!!

A special mention to Dr. Aalok Pandit, for being there always. Thank you Sir, it won't have been possible without you.

Dr. Manisha Acharya, Founder Director, Weneurs Forum

An amazing evening in the midst of achievers from several fields. The Odisha Leadership Awards provided a perfect platform to network with some exceptional personalities and organisations doing great work in their respective fields. It was an absolute honor to be part of this august gathering. Thank you so much - the organisers of "The Odisha Leadership Awards" for the opportunity. These recognitions surely shall go a long way in further propelling people to do more, to achieve more and to serve more. God Bless!!