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Feedback 2020

Feedback 2020

Adhisha Dahanayake, Founder / CEO, Double XL Pvt. Ltd.

It has been my sincere pleasure to be apart of the world women leadership congress representing Sri Lanka's women leaders. It is important now more than ever, amidst a global pandemic to realize and value women's leadership in society. It is through recognition, and radical business ideas that the new world normal will come to be. As this forum continuous to highlight contributions made by women in the business environment, it will set a new standard for women to aim to, as we realize that our strength comes from the simple fact that we are women.

Professor Dr. Ghada Awad EL-Kot, Deputy President for Strategic Affairs, Professor of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt.

I would like to thank the Global World Congress awards committee for recognizing me for the "The Middle East Women Leadership Award, 2020".

The pandemic has disproportionately impacted women's lives at home and in the workplace, heightening the strive for international women's equality and empowerment.

This prestigious award motivates me as an educator and leader to continue advocating for, and supporting other women to empower themselves, both within and beyond academia.

It is truly an honor, and I am grateful to be amongst an impeccable group of international leaders and to be recognized as one of the Middle East Women leaders in 2020.

Zeba Parveen, Founder and Director, Zioluxe Media Pvt. Ltd.

It's indeed a great honour and privilege to receive the Telangana's Women Leaders 2020 award for outstanding brand building & marketing practices. The responsibility of marketing and communications professionals has gone up manifold post-Covid and given us a chance to evolve, upgrade & be resilient to change.

I am very much thankful to World Women Leadership Congressand CMO Asia for the recognition which empha sizes our fortitude & encourages us to continue doing it.

Thank you, Dr. Bhatia, Dr. Aalok and the team for successfully organizing the virtual event so adeptly.

Minaxi Vaishnav, Chief Executive Officer, Asean Softech Engineering Centre

Thank you World Women Leadership Congress, CMO Asia and Gujarat Leadership Award Committee for presenting GUJARAT's WOMEN LEADERS Award 2020. Feel Privileged and Thrilled to serve the professional community with higher confidence and enthusiasm in the field of Management and Technology Leadership. Special Thanks to Dr. R. L. Bhatia and Dr. Aalok Pandit for their confidence. Wishing CMO Asia and World Women Leadership Congress, a great Success!

Zalina Jamaluddin, Chief Business Development Officer, Asia School of Business

Thank you World Women Leadership Congress and CMO Asia for the recognition. The 2020 Malaysia Woman Leaders' Award is a nice gesture after a challenging year for most of us. It has given me hope and conviction to keep contributing to the organization and community I serve, regardless of the situation, especially in the area of diversity and inclusion and leadership.

Chandima Delwala, Goodwill Ambassador for Child Rights, Global Goodwil Ambassador

It is my belief that making a difference in women's leadership changes the world. As more women are able to speak their vision, take action and powerfully partner with men, create a stronger society.

"World Woman Leadership Congress" supports and encourages women empowerment and appraise their success by recognising and acknowledging their success in regional and global level.

In that context I would like to express my greatfulness for recognising me as one of the "Sri Lanka's Woman leaders 2020

Rekha Weerasooriya, General Manager Customer Experience & People Development, Dialog Enterprise, Dialog Axiata PLC

The event was coordinated and conducted exceptionally well. The energy and engagement fabulous. Thanks a lot to Dr Aalok and the Sri Lanka Leadership Awards committee for the great event and hard work

Karishma Shah, Co-Founder, Comet Digisol

I feel happy and excited to receive this Women leadership awards at the state level.
I would like to thank my entire family, my husband Kunal Shah, this wouldn't have been possible without their support and motivation.
I think such recognition gives a boost in our career and motivate us further to work hard.
A special thanks to Aalok Pandit for recognising me and for giving this wonderful opportunity and experience.
I look forward to many more awards and recognition.

Ramya Weerakoon, Consultant, Platform Strategies Private Limited

I am a recipient of 2 prestigious professional career women awards & 2 inspirational awards prior to my retirement. 'The joy, acceptance and the sense of achievement of winning previous awards, ushered change, focus&perspective whilst paving the path fora rapidly progressive career.

I am a retiree & self-employed consultant at present. Hensethe corporate & media visibility I used to have prior to my retirement in September 2019, was almost non-existentafter I made a choice, to be off the grid since the third quarter of post-pandemic 2020.

As such, receiving an email containing a notification of nomination for a women's award via my new email address, from Dr. Aalok Pandit ofCMO Asia, was a shocking yet pleasant surprise indeed! Even more astounding was the fact that, they were persistent, prompt communicators, diligently responsiveto queries I raised and quick to provide reassurance to quell any doubts or hesitation I had towards submitting my profile & related pre-qualification criteria.

Receiving this award has most definitely enhanced my self-esteem and boosted tremendous confidence within me. It has encouraged me to consciously consider multiple avenues I could utilize my expertise & experience inorder to pursue greater challenges that were seemingly impossible.

This award has motivated to mentor &encourage other women who are in a post-retirement phase, toreconsiderachieving moresignificant milestonesinlife or in any preferred career path they wish to venture into progressively.

I appreciatethe creative innovation & meticulous strategic planning investment made towards creating a regional award ceremony on a virtual platform. The strict consideration given towardsfacilitating the convenience, global health safety & social distancing guidelineswas truly remarkable.

I wish to express my sincerel appreciation to Dr. Bhatia & Dr. Pandit & teams, for efficient communications, strictpunctuality & effective simulation that enabled the creation of an energetic & enthusiastic experiencethroughout the event , for those online.

Let us all collectively & consciously contribute towards facilitating global transformation through the renewing of our minds & by maintaining an attitude of gratitude always.

Asma Ali Ramadhan Al Zadjali, General Manager – Head of Banking Operations Group, Oman Arab Bank SAOG

It is an honour and pleasure to receive the Middle East's Woman Leaders Award. This is a motivation to continue accelerating in my career journey and for mentoring / coaching other women to achieve their goals.

Nadeera Karawita, Co - Founder/ Director, InnoLabs (Pvt) Ltd.

I am very much honored and humbled to be receiving this award as a young entrepreneur and I would like to thank the wonderful organizing committee and their generosity in organizing such an event amidst pandemic. Winning a prestigious Women Leadership Award and recognizing as one of Sri Lankan Women leaders gives myself and my team a sense of the value of the work and creativity we have contributed to our research initiatives, and I would like to dedicate this award to my parents and my partner.

In the research sector, women are still underrepresented, but together we will empower and motivate each other. That's why this accolade is so significant. I am sure that celebrating this milestone would have a positive effect on all women in diverse fields of research and an encouragement to keep others pushing and unlocking their own abilities.

Arpita Doshi, Founder & Innovator, Nutrition Dynamic Foods LLP

Conferring me with Gujarat's Women Leadership Award was the best motivation award to me. During this unprecedented year many changes had to be adopted with immediate effect and especially it was quite challenging for women's struggling to balance work and home. Appreciating women with prestigious awards in such vulnerable crisis time enhances their self motivation lost due to mental stress. Thank you so much for conferring me to Gujarat's Women Leadership Award.

Sonkee Shah, Chief Executive Officer, ARCH Development Foundation

I am truly honoured to have been bestowed with the prestigious Women Leadership Award for Gujarat Region. It is definitely a matter of proud privilege to getting a recognition from a platform like CMO. For me, more than the joy of receiving this award it has been all the more motivating and inspiring to continue what I do. Especially where currently the entire world has been impacted and thousands of organisations, corporates and business houses are struggling to survive, the leadership challenge to stay afloat is at its epitome and getting yourself recognised for managing the same is definitely overwhelming. This honour makes me more confident, inspired and charged to do much better especially in our sector of social development. Thank you so very much………

Scindia Balasingh, Head Of Global Partner Marketing, Freshworks

The recognition will be a big step towards encouraging women to strive for leadership positions without any hesitation. This eliminates the self doubt about their ability and turns out to be a big confidence booster. Even in Covid you folks ensured to continue the good work and bring in great experience in the virtual event. It personally added a great value to me personally and motivated me to do more for the fellow women community. Also am sure it will provoke and encourage diversity across different fields :-)

Tiekie Barnard, CEO & Founder, Shared Value Africa Initiative & Shift impact Africa

The Shared Value Africa Initiative would like to thank the World Women Congress Leadership Awards for recognising the women of Africa that through their work are making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. We thank your for recognising our CEO Tiekie Barnard as one of the 2020 Africa Women Leaders.

Zanel Viljoen, Head of Recruitment, Ergonomix

I would like to thank Aalok Pandit and the CMO ASIA foundation for giving me the reward of Africa's woman Leader. It was a privilege to be chosen for the award. And I what to give a special thanks to Aalok Pandit you where so professional and your passion that you have for your organization is admirable.

Dr. Marlena Kruger, CEO and Founder, MindUnique Education and TechnoLife Wise Foundation NPC

Thank you very much for the honour and privilege to be the recipient of an Africa Woman Leadership Award 2020.
Although we couldn't receive it in person, only virtually via Zoom, it was still a special opportunity to also share a few words with the distinguished audience! May you all have a blessed festive season and experience our Almighty God's love and peace with an amazing 2021!

Dana Alhanbali, Managing Partner & Co Founder, Beattie + Dane (Kuwait)

Just wanted to say thank you for the effort today. It was so lovely to finally put a face to the name and see all these incredible women listed and celebrated. You are a true gem and this is a beautiful initiative. I hope I have the honor of meeting you in person one day.

Shaghayegh Shivaee, Marketing & Trade Marketing Manager, Danone Waters Iran

Many thanks for inviting me and supporting me to participate in your beautiful event. It was a pleasure to meet such leaders live.

Really appreciate your support and never forget that.

Rachel Akem-Harumi, Founder / President, Women in Africa for Transformation Initiative

I was fascinated and exceedingly overwhelmed when I heard the news that Women Leadership Congress have nominated/selected me to receive a prestigious award. I was indeed humbled.

I never knew this global organization was following the impact and progress we are making at Women in Africa for Transformation Initiative (WIA).

The AFRICA WOMENS LEADER'S AWARD bestowed upon me today is a prove that the work I and my dedicated team are doing in the heart of Africa is being recognized by the international community. I am inspired to empower more women, plant new seeds of prosperity and build a ladder where aspiring African women can rise to the top.

I want to specially thank the Founders of World Women Leaders Congress and the award committee for motivating me with this award.

I dedicate this award to all the beautiful women who are spreading the vision and growing impact of Women in Africa for Transformation Initiative in Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mali, Malawi, Cameroon, Sierra Leon, Norway, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Botswana, Benin Republic, Congo, Burkina Faso, Rwanda etc. Together we will lead, empower and transform Africa.

Zeina Ghossoub El-Aswad, CEO and Founder, Vie Saine Sarl

I am humbled and privileged to have been chosen for the Middle East World Women Leadership award. I am proud to be a part of this prestigious organization. I salute and honor you for your much needed mission, your dedicated purpose, your professional approach, and your wonderful service to humanity. God bless all. May it be a year of Health and Success.

Hemalatha Madathil, Managing Director, Sterling Gases Ltd.

As a recipient of the award for "Tamilnadu's Woman Leader in 2020", I attended the award ceremony. In spite of the Covid crisis, the function was very efficiently handled virtually. Dr Bhatia and Dr Aalok Pandit held the attention of the audience with a very lively interaction. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet so many dynamic professionals through the platform. Keep up the great work, CMO Asia!

Puunam G Kaushik, Dy. Managing Director & Chief - Corporate Affairs, Meteoric Pharmaceuticals

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team of World Women Leadership Congress & Awards®, Gujarat Woman Leaders especially Dr. R L Bhatia and Dr. Aalok Pandit for hosting such enriching events which not only acknowledges women leadership but also encourages young leaders to keep putting their best foot forward and come out as world leaders in times to come. Awards are a big acknowledgment of hard works put in by any woman at her work place which she achieves by her contribution to the society along with her numerous social and emotional contributions on a personal level. Thank you all once again for the honor and acknowledgement.

Ruchika Gupta, Business Head, Gulabs

I appreciate the same and am so grateful for it.

The fact that a person gets appreciation or acknowledgement and recognition is a moral booster, always letting us know theres still more, and the stride to achieve much more becomes more determinant and rampant.

Am also glad CMO Asia has a women achievers category, every woman is talented, they just need to realise that and work towards their goals and dreams.

Tolulope Medebem, COO / LEAD Strategist, Aster Integrated Marketing Limited

Once more, I am honoured and humbled reveling this. It is indeed a great end to this very 'interesting year' and I do not take the honour lightly. As human beings, it is my belief and understanding that we should consistently put in our very best always regardless of whether or not you are seen. Always, put your best foot forward. I dedicate this to my family for their support and cheer leading over the years and I give thanks and gratitude to The Almighty.

Immy Mulekatete, Communication for Development Enthusiast and Freelance Writer

Thank you so much for the amazing recognition and a brilliant ceremony, I could tell that a lot of effort and care went into planning it, and it was well executed. It was a real privilege for me to be part of the women and men who were awarded. Thank you so much for encouraging us to do our best, so as to drive change in our world. A huge thank you to Dr. Aalok, the energy you put in this is beyond measure.

Mahesha Anandasiri, Director of Operations, Abans Electricals PLC (Service)

Thank you CMO and World Women Leadership Congress for this prestigious recognition.

I strongly believe we don't just need more women leaders - but that we need more leaders to be more like women!! This award is an encouragement and motivation to continue to pursue my style of leadership and inspire others to develop work and community environments that help women thrive. It is a tribute to all the wonderful and courageous women who have touched my life and continue to inspire strength and confidence in me to celebrate the unique energies women bring to the role of leadership.

Caroline Abel, Governor, Central Bank of Seychelles

As a woman, I am appreciative of such platforms that recognise the ability and contribution of leaders – particularly women leaders. The recognition as one of Africa's Woman Leaders is not something that I have accepted solely in my name. I also dedicate the award to the capable and dedicated team that has been working alongside and supporting me over the years, particularly so in 2020 - a year where the world is facing an unprecedented crisis, bringing the art of leadership to the ultimate test. Women across the globe are capable of reaching great heights in whatever setting they find themselves, despite the many responsibilities and adversities that often come their way and should therefore strive to achieve their full potential. Leadership is not something that should be taken lightly as merely being in authority. To me, effective leadership is being prepared to lead with your head, your hands and your heart. It is about promoting inclusivity and empowering others to become critical thinkers, resilient and more importantly – bringing people together to make the best decisions.