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Feedback 2021

Feedback 2021

Chutarat Natongbaw, Head of Human Resources Management, Bangkok Life Assurance PCL.

Thank you to Dr. R L Bhatia, CMO Asia, senior leaders, researchers and academicians from the World Women Leadership Congress for providing a great recognition to women leaders in several geographic regions globally. Notably, I am very happy being part of my work that can contribute knowledge and skills to generate better advancement of work and can bring changes in the work processes in the organization. I promise myself for continuing on lifelong learning and professional development.

Divyata Rajaram, Marketing Director, Senior Advisor To The Royal Crown Council, The Quadrillion Group

Amidst globally challenging circumstances, it was wonderful to see how World Women Leadership Congress and CMO Asia continues to celebrate and motivate inspiring Women Leaders from across the globe. Thank you for recognizing me with the Middle East Woman Leader award of 2021. May we continue to inspire, empower and enable each other to realize our greatest potential in every respect

HE Dr. Edna Joyce Santos, Ambassador Of Islamic States & Affairs, Senior Advisor To The Royal Crown Council, Antiquities Imperial Kingdom Nation of YHWH-Tribe of YHDH/YQN

The World Women Leadership and CMO Asia awards are a superlative event that recognise genuine merit and hardwork in the industry. The awards were mind blowing in the careful curation, selection and choice of awardees. The effort placed to make each guest comfortable, draw in the entire group of awardees to give a sense of cohesive camaraderie is wonderful. It is a special award and I wish Dr. Pandit and Dr. Bhatia the very best in acknowledging the best in the industry across categories.

Vineeta Jerath Grover, Co-Founder & Editor, SUBURB, G-97 Network Pvt. Ltd.

Kindly accept my sincere gratitude for the recognition and the title of Woman Leader that you have conferred upon me. In times where awards have become a commercial transaction it's a great sense of encouragement and achievement to see your organization going out of the way to recognize and appreciate talent and good work. It's a humbling experience for me and now a greater responsibility to do my extra bit for the community.

Sonali Sokhal, CEO and Founder, Intelliquo Integrated Communication

The World Women Leadership and CMO Asia awards are a superlative event that recognise genuine merit and hardwork in the industry. The awards were mind blowing in the careful curation, selection and choice of awardees. The effort placed to make each guest comfortable, draw in the entire group of awardees to give a sense of cohesive camaraderie is wonderful. It is a special award and I wish Dr. Pandit and Dr. Bhatia the very best in acknowledging the best in the industry across categories.

Mehernaaz Green, Global Head of Marketing - Commercial Distribution, Content Sales and Licensing, CNN International

It was an honour when I was contacted by Dr. Alok Pandit about this accolade. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Pandit and his amazing team for all their hard work in researching and putting this event together. The ceremony was conducted to perfection and it was inspiring to meet all the other accomplished ladies who are blazing the way in their respective fields. Congratulations to all and once again a massive thank you to this committee that champions the role of women.

Sharmin Zaman, Chief Marketing Officer, Summit Communications Limited

When CMO Asia first contacted me for 'Bangladesh's Woman Leaders' in 2017, it was out of the blue. Within couple of years while my role expanded they inspired me again with 'Pioneering Woman Leader award' & 'Most Influential Global Marketing Leader' award. Finally this year after becoming CMO of my organization I have received 'Asia's Women Leaders' award'. I realized that CMO ASIA had done a thorough market survey before selecting me for such recognition which demonstrates their credibility. I felt really inspired to receive such an award in their well decorated program among very esteemed peoples of the corporate world. On receipt of the award, I enjoyed a lot of PR and media attention in my country for a few weeks in a row. Achieving four awards in 5 years from this organization, is a prestigious recognition and acknowledgment for my hard work is a great deal of encouragement for me! The organizers in particular Dr. Aalok Pandit and Dr. R L Bhatia always made the process and participation warm and welcoming, making it a pleasure to attend. Lastly, CMO Asia has given me a platform and motivation for my next level leadership leap.

Shreya Shivangi, Senior Digital Strategy Consultant, Asia Pacific, Caterpillar Inc.

I would like to thank you and your team for putting in so much effort in the research and managing the event so well. The event is just the tip of an iceberg but I am sure a lot of effort, sweat and time must have gone behind planning and execution. Wishing all the very best to you and your team for enabling, empowering and celebrating the rising and shining women.

Zeenath Kuraisha, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific Sales & Marketing Academy

It is a honour to receive this award from World Women Leadership Congress who have recognised and lift up many women leaders across the world. A good platform not just to for recognition but also to meet all the others who are making a difference. There are many well deserving women, the home makers and many others who are making an impact and change to the world and this recognition is to all of them.

Dipashree Das, Marketing Manager, Netflix India

It was an honour to receive the prestigious Asia's Woman Leader Award at the World Women Leadership Congress and Awards organised by CMO Asia, in Mumbai. An in-person event after a gap of almost 2 years, made sweeter by the august company of several industry luminaries. Superbly organised! Wishing you greater success for future chapters!

Stella Lau, Chief Executive Officer, SEGi Group of Colleges

It is indeed an honour to be recognized for the award of Asia's Woman Leader by CMO Asia and World Women Leadership Congress. Consistent with pre-pandemic times, women leaders have brought our own brand of leadership to the table. We take on multiple roles, engage and communicate with diverse teams, inspire, motivate, make tough decisions and drive for results. In times of crisis, leadership competencies matter most. Let's help more talented women step up into leadership positions.

Madhu Motiyani, Director, Servilink Systems Ltd.

I am very grateful to be recognized and awarded at the World Women Leadership Congress & Awards®. It is the greatest achievement for me, my company Servilink Systems Ltd. & my family.

As an engineering student, I used to be in a mostly male-dominated field and hence since the beginning I always wanted to see this change in society where people get used to seeing women in power and normalize with female leadership and be transparent about their accomplishments.

For ages, women in India are expected to live a confined domestic life and they have been struggling hard to get rid of social discrimination, cultural bias and an inferior gender to fulfilling their responsibility of maintaining a home and a family, Indian women are now finally acknowledged, appreciated and admired for their hard work. This platform provides women to display their strength and other women to get motivated.

I once again thank World Women Leadership Congress for honouring me with a Gujarat Leadership Award. Thanks to Dr. R. L. Bhatia & Dr Aalok Pandit for creating a platform for the recognition and eulogizing of women

Subhashini Barthwal, Head of Digital Marketing, SunArc Technologies

Being a team lead and head of a certain department, I often feel that there is still so much need to provide support & proper assistance to women around the industries. By doing such meaningful events you are not only encouraging women but also giving them the motive to support others to grow. I highly appreciate the way you are bringing out the inspiring women in front who are guiding other women to come forward and being a part of such empowerment.
Thank you very much for this honorable recognition of being Rajasthan Woman Leader 2021. I wish you and the team all the very best and I hope many more winners get acknowledgement from this platform.

Purvi Bhavsar, Managing Director, Pahal Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

Thank you so much for this award. It is an honor to be felicitated by the World Women Leadership congress.

Such platforms inspire me to keep pushing forward. Would like to appreciate all the efforts your team is putting in for recognizing women and their achievements.

Erca Uisso, Head of Sales and Marketing, NovaTerra Solutions

Thank you very much for this recognition. As a young woman from a third-world country being celebrated in an international forum along with such great women is a DREAM come true. A great story of hope & victory that I will keep sharing with the girl child and encourage them to DREAM and DREAM big. I am so honored and it's a privilege to be awarded by your prestigious organization.

Adv. Chandni Kapadia, Executive Director, GLS & GLS University

The World Women Leadership Congress has always recognised women leadership and their contribution to the world. It is indeed an honour to be part of its ceremonies which are organised with such grandeur and perfection.

Yukti K. Mehandiratta, Founder and CEO, SBY Academy LLP

As a Leadership Coach,I often feel the pinch of just handful of Women at the leadership level across industries. I would like to congratulate World Women leadership Congress for the earnest attempt to bring out inspiring women who are able to hold the fort and are actively looking forward to welcoming others to join the platform.
Many thanks for this humbling recognition of being Mumbai Women Leader 2021.
Hope this platform creates the much-needed aspiration for women to grab their seat at the table.

Deepali Sinha-Singhal, National Head - Learning and Development (Retail), Tata Retail (Trent)

I am absolutely delighted for being appreciated for my contribution and passion. I also want to mention how commendable it was of the organizers to recognise leaders with utmost transparency and based on pure talent. I have always believed that a leader who is able to identify problem statements, innovate solutions and align a happy team to larger organisational goal is the one who eventually impacts the numbers and brand value eventually. A left and right brain balance is a prerequisite now.
Once again a big thank you to the respected jury members and the organisers for honouring me.

Dr. Sandya Advani, Founder and Principal Consultant, Posh Systems.Com

It was a pleasure meeting both Dr. Bhatia and you at the event. The event was flawlessly executed. From the initial communication to the award winners, to sending them the invite for the event, to the arrangements made at the venue including registration, the decor and setup of the stage, the design on the backdrop, the ambience of the space- all of them contributed towards a memorable experience, something I am sure, all participants to the event will cherish for a long time.

Dr. Bhatia as a Moderator for the event, with his high energy levels, kept everyone engaged with his witty comments and natural style of speaking. It makes every participant feel that he is personally speaking to them. There was a lot of warmth in the way he greeted each one of us, personal stories that he shared which made the journey of each award winner come alive. My congratulations to the entire team for such a well organised and memorable event.

Thank you once again for the recognition

Roohi Kanwal, Director, Data Select LLC, Qatar

I was thrilled to be the recipient of the Woman Leadership award this year. It is truly an honor to be recognized in this way. As a professional in telecommunications and Banking, it is everyone's dream to be recognized and awarded for the exemplary work that they do. Since is it a dream or a goal, people work hard to achieve it. Thus, through hard work, determination, and perseverance, quite a few people have been nominated to receive an award. I am extremely passionate about transformational leadership because it stronger the bond between business and the individual which is the key to creating a positive value proposition for the business.

Dr. Mohini Barde, Medical Director, Med Indite Communication Pvt. Ltd.

I want to thank you and your team for organizing such a wonderful event that focuses on felicitating women's entrepreneurship skills and leadership qualities and their contribution to society. The efforts your team had put in from planning to the conclusion of the event were flawless. Thanks again for such a wonderful event.

Rupali Majgaonkar, Director Marketing, Armstrong Machine Builders Pvt. Ltd.

Thank you for the award. I am truly honoured to be felicitated by the World Women Leadership congress.

It is an even greater honor to be placed in such distinguished ranks as those of the past honorees, I am now inspired and motivated to do even better.

A great leader posses a clear vision, is courageous, has integrity, honesty, humility and a clear focus. ... Great leaders help people reach their goals, are not afraid to hire people that might be better than them and take pride in the accomplishments of those they help along the way. This forum is a great platform for recognising and appreciating such outstanding women leaders and empowering them. More power to all my women counterparts!

Aastha Patel, Founder and CEO, Farm O'Cart - Fresh From Farms

It was fantastic to hear my name read as a winner amongst some great women leaders who were considered in the same categories. I was thrilled to win this prestigious "Nagpur's woman leader" award. I'm really thankful to you and your jury member for noticing my work, reaching out to me and presenting me with this outstanding award. Being recognized by the judges gave me the confidence that I'm really building an awesome product and doing some remarkable work by bringing smiles on innocent faces. The event was absolutely perfect from top to bottom. The organisers really outdid themselves and the ceremony was presented in a compelling way and also got to hear many remarkable stories from other women leaders and business directors. I once again want to thank you for this token of appreciation.

Tamara Maqabangqa, Chief Content Officer, Alaking Creatives

It was such an honor being presented with the South African Women Leaders Award by the World Women Leadership Congress and Awards. Platforms like these truly inspire me to keep pushing forward.

Thanks once again to you and your team, I'll be sharing this on my LinkedIn as well.

Isabella Daly, Sustainability Regional Compliance & Certification Manager, Canon SA

Thank you very much Dr. Aalok for selecting me for this wonderful award. I really didn't expect this. I'm dedicating this to my passion for compliance and Sustainability. And yes I agree with one of the winner's comment that there is still a huge gap for the Businesses and world in understanding Sustainability and how important that is for the future.

The ceremony event went very professional and I'm in great appreciation for you and your team for a wonderful event attended, I really enjoyed this celebration.

I absolutely solute all the winners in all the categories and celebrate in happiness with the rest of the women who have been selected for this award, You worked hard for this and you fully deserve this honour and celebration. Well done!

Dr. Renu Sharma, Director, Narmada Health Group

I am humbled and honoured for the recognition, for the opportunity and for the facilitation program. I was a wonderful program and a memorable experience. I really appreciate the effort you and your team place to made the event extravagant though it was On-Line and a great success. Happy to be a part of it.
I wish you and your team all the best. Congratulations and all the best for future endeavours.

Seema Verma, Founder, MAD Fitness Hub

Thank you so much for sharing this award certificate. Thanks a lot to Aalok ji and entire team for giving such a wonderful plateform. You people doing a great job honouring the deserving people of their field. Feeling honoured and greatful.

Simran Bhaskar, 4th Year Law Student, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Founder, Project Blue Ribbon

It's not every day that women are being praised for their work and the step CMO Asia and World Women Leadership Congress has taken is amazing. Thank you for supporting us and recognizing us.

Ailene Averion Antonio, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Ipeople Inc

Congratulations on a successful virtual event! I know that it is not very easy to organize an engaging and interactive online event as the one held earlier, so kudos to you and your team.

Thank you for all your efforts in recognizing talents in the region. I believe that providing support amongst friends and neighbors could make wonderful things possible for all of us, and benefit even the larger global community.

All the best to you and please let me know if I could be of help to your organization in any way. Again, grateful for the recognition. Good luck and good health.

Mela Rono Quiroz, Commercial Director, L'Oreal Philippines

"Sucess is not final. Failure is not fatal. It's the courage to continue that counts."
One way or another we all had experienced that this past year have either been extra difficult, have been a failure & have been anxious.
This recognition came to me as a surprise & reminded me that life can be extra hard, difficult but as long as we push, get up & be courageous we can aspire & inspire. Thank you CMO Asia World Women Leadership Congress for this, such an honor to be part of this year's roster.
This is for my boys, my team, mentors & of course to You who make everything possible

Sweta Chauhan, Principal Product Marketer, Oracle

I wish to thank Dr. Aalok Pandit and the jury for recognizing my journey and milestones. I congratulate the entire team at CMO Asia for the successful event and hosting these awards. These awards do not just recognize women and their achievements, but, also are a beautiful reminder and inspiration to several others out there, to live their dreams and achieve everything they may aim for.

While, I am truly honored for this accolade, this journey would not have been possible without my parents who did everything in their capacity to ensure I get best-in-class education, God Almighty who paved this path of opportunities, and, my husband who has always supported my dreams and believed in me at times, when even I was doubtful about my capabilities.

Nishi Kichenin, Chief Executive Officer & Director, JurisTax Holdings Ltd.

Every women is talented in her own way and should be given a chance to excel. However, we can see that women make up to more than two-thirds of the world's illiterate people. Less than 40% of countries provide girls and boys with equal access to education. Us Women, we do have the skills and qualifications, but the will to empower us women is lacking. Therefore when a woman gets an acknowledgement of her professional ability, it touches the very being of that woman. I wish to thank Dr. Aalok Pandit and the World Women Leadership Congress for this Award - it is a real moral and confidence booster. It is an encouragement that I am leading my team in the right direction. I dedicate this award to all the wonderful and determined women striving to make a change in our society. Together we can achieve this transformation.

Ansoo Gupta, Founder, OneShoe Trust

Please accept my heartiest gratitude for organising the WOW achievers event with aplomb and utmost focus on safety protocols. You and your team put a really good show together.

It was very fulfilling for me to listen to all the women leaders and find kindred spirits. Your curation is remarkable - it takes a lot of work to gather such talent. So my very special congratulations to you for that.

Thanks to the jury for selecting me as one of the awardees. It's an honour and my good fortune to network with other accomplished ladies. Needless to say, if I can be of any help in your endeavour to support women leaders, I will be very glad to do so.

I look forward to be a part of the cohort. If there is a group where all the women are being connected to each other (on LinkedIn or FB or WA), I will be happy to join too.

Dr. Sarika Kulkarni, Director, Raah Foundation

Many thanks for the award and the super inspiring ceremony. The room was so full of energy and motivation.
None of us work for any awards or any rewards - we are all driven by passion. But when such prestigious awards at such an amazing forum do get bestowed - you pass through a plethora of emotions - from feeling awesome to becoming absolutely humbled to be in the company of other super dynamic and amazingly enterprising women. From the first email to the award - every stage was absolutely to cherish. Many thanks, Dr. Pandit, CMO Asia, and World Women Leadership Congress and Awards for fueling our aspirations to do more and better through such recognition.

Sophia Kudjordji, Chief Corporate Communications Officer, Jospong Group Of Companies

Thank you very much once again for the honour. It was a great honour being part of the award ceremony on 18th February all the way from Ghana.

My testimonial will be the fact that, I think that the event coming just before International Women's Day on 8th March, makes it quite significant that, in spite of the gender disparities, there are still some men who are poised to push women to the very top and don't feel threatened by the achievements of women but are ready to celebrate them. This is heartwarming! Congratulations to the organisers, CMO Global and World Women Leadership Congress and Awards. Special appreciation to Dr Aalok and his team!

Naikeang Din, Head of Media and PR, Cellcard

"It was truly an honor to be recognized by such a prestigious award, winning Cambodia's Woman Leadership."
Thanks to CMO Asia for the tremendous recognition and I am proudly to be part of Cellcard's family – the proudly Cambodian-owned operator.

Dr. Deeptee K. Bungaree-Gooheeram, Country Director, Mauritius | Africa, UK Department for International Trade | British High Commission

Receiving recognition from World Women Leadership Congress for the 'Africa Women Leader' was a tremendous compliment and validated my hard work and creativity of DIT whole team. I am delighted to win this award alongside other key women leaders like the Governor of Central Bank of Seychelles and others. It was truly an honour to be recognized by such a prestigious award. Winning the Africa Women Leader award raises the bar and challenges me to better my work. This is a second recognition after winning the Australia Leadership Awards back in 2012 and I am delighted that my efforts are celebrated. We must always seek to redefine the landscape for the next generation of female leaders. History shows us that it's not a lack of talent, grit, or passion in women - but the acceptance and visibility of their ideas and vision. I am so proud to have been awarded this year's Africa Women Leader, So thank you World Women Leadership Congress, to be honest I did not see this coming at all - so this a great end to 2020 in such challenging times to be recognised for the great work you do !

Dr. Praveena Nair Sivasankaran, Founder & CEO, GV Medhini Consultancy & Resources Sdn Bhd, Because Our Earth Matters

It was such an honour and a pleasant surprise when Dr. Aalok contacted me to inform that I would be one of the recipients of Malaysian Woman Leaders 2020. This award has served as a recognition to me and my efforts in establishing a social enterprise that focuses on providing green affordable products for all. Thank you to the World Women Leadership Congress and Dr. Aalok for this wonderful opportunity