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Role Players 2024

Cdr Varuna Ektare (Retd)

Assistant Vice President Global Functions Technology
Citi Corp

Varuna comes with a rich tapestry of her military journey in the Indian Navy as well as the Indian Air Force, and an extremely versatile career of exceptional leadership and performance. Retiring after a 14-year tenure as a 'CAT A' senior ATC instructor, she earned accolades for her expertise. Currently AVP at CITI Corp India, Varuna boasts over 15 years in global technology governance, skilled human resource transformations, and leading intricate operations.

As a former Navy Commander, she excelled in 'life and death' scenarios, gaining commendations and garnering media attention, including feature in NDTV. Varuna played a pivotal role in the 2018 Kerala floods rescue mission and led the humanitarian disaster relief air operations.

On deputation to the Indian Air Force Academy, she contributed 3000+ training hours to 600+ officers advocating the use of innovative technology. Her leadership in spearheading the development of the nation's most advanced ATC RADAR simulator earned her rare accolades, including a Commendation from the Air Force.

She is an IIM Bengaluru alum with a master's in Air Traffic Management & Aviation Law. She is a qualified Yoga instructor and an avid full/Half Marathon runner. Her commitment extends beyond personal pursuits as she dedicates her time to conducting sessions for young girls, aiding them in shaping their future reflecting a commitment to holistic well-being and positive impact. Varuna is an enigmatic leader with a compassionate perspective on women’s empowerment, the environment, and sustainability.