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Role Players 2024

Syed Aufia Yacoob

Head of Institutional D3evelopment and OIC HR
MauBank Limited

A seasoned executive with a passion for fostering growth and innovation, Aufia Yacoob resonates with her a Leader's commitment to push boundaries and redefine industry standards. She is an accomplished professional with an impressive track record in business improvement, human resources, learning, and operations and has over 18 years of experience in the corporate sector.

In her current role as Head of Institutional Development and Officer in Charge of HR at MauBank LTD, Aufia has learned the importance of constant evolution in a rapidly changing industry. She has helped in strategizing and achieving bank goals by identifying areas of improvement and fostering a culture of innovation. Under her leadership, MauBank LTD has increased cross-departmental collaboration leading to an increase in operational efficiency.

Aufia spearheaded high impact projects and business-level transformational initiatives. She has a proven track record of success in building partnerships and alliances at all levels, and a focus on values-based leadership and inspiring people to exceed their potential. Aufia is an expert in areas of customer service, leadership, consultancy skills, and employee performance/productivity.

She holds an impressive track record of awards and certifications, including the Stanford Lead program from Stanford Graduate Business School, the Global Pioneering Women Leader award from Economic Times & World HRD Congress, the African Women Leader award from World Women Leadership Congress & CMO Global. She is also a member of MIOD in women director forum and an ambassador to uplift the role of women on boards and encourage women in leadership roles.