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Role Players 2024

Shaveta Kapoor

Global Head of Media Products
Dunnhumby India Private Limited

Shaveta's journey at Dunnhumby began 15 years ago as a graduate analyst, where she grew into a remarkable data science leader. Heading Dunnhumby's global media team of over 140 data scientists, she pushes boundaries to deliver high-quality Customer Data Science swiftly to clients. In her role as Global Applied Data Science Director, Shaveta has demonstrated exemplary leadership, spearheading the implementation of strategic and operational plans for Dunnhumby's media division with a focus on technological and analytical innovation.

Shaveta has established proactive and iterative processes to enhance Dunnhumby's Media Analytics capability continually. Concurrently, she has facilitated the development of top-tier media products and fostered effective collaboration between product, proposition, analyst, and client teams within Dunnhumby. Embracing cutting-edge technology within the Data Science community, Shaveta has seamlessly bridged the gap between Data Science and Product teams.

With a blend of positivity, leveraging others' strengths, and innovative thinking, Shaveta has initiated and sustained highly successful programs to revolutionize Dunnhumby's media business. Whether engaging with internal or external stakeholders, she consistently seeks the best outcomes and embodies Dunnhumby's core values.

A hallmark of effective leadership is not only assembling a great team but also nurturing future leaders. Shaveta has cultivated a high-performing management team for Dunnhumby's Media Analytics division, ensuring they achieve strategic objectives within an engaged organization. By channeling the team's efforts through process-oriented frameworks, she has streamlined problem-solving approaches and standardized knowledge transfer. Through her leadership, Shaveta empowers her team to collaborate closely with senior managers, providing them with opportunities for growth and personal and professional development.