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Role Players 2024

Capt. Sandhya Shankar Pandey

Corporate Chief of Nursing
Fortis Healthcare Limited

Capt. Sandhya, Corporate Chief of Nursing at Fortis Healthcare Ltd, is a dedicated healthcare professional with a profound military background shaping her career. A postgraduate public health nurse, she is also a Principal Assessor at NABH, NABH Digital Health Standards and NABH Nursing Excellence, QCI.

Rooted in military service, her leadership excels in problem-solving, inspiring collaboration, and enhancing patient outcomes. Commended for her role in 92 BH, Srinagar during the Kargil War, she holds the Chief of Army Staff Commendation Card. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Capt. Sandhya's efficient leadership elevated nurses as a resilient force.

Beyond work, she actively contributes to nursing projects and is proud to be selected for the "Leadership for Change" by the International Council of Nurses.

In summary, Capt. Sandhya is an exemplary nurse leader, combining military discipline with a passion for elevating healthcare standards, making a difference to the nurses of India.