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Role Players 2024

Dr. Rita Jairath

Founder and Director
Ritambe Nutrition Private Limited

Dr. Rita Jairath is one of the pioneering athletes in Women's Bodybuilding from India. She is the holder of the prestigious Pro-Card from the International Federation of Bodybuilding and various other National and International accolades. She is the only woman IFBB Pro-League International Judge in Asia, a part of the Judging panel at the highest level in International shows. She is also a Bharatanatyam Dancer and has topped the Tamil Nadu University in her exams and won several prizes in contests held at Tamil Nadu Bhawan.

Dr. Rita Jairath, a significant contributor in the growth of the Fitness industry, is the first woman from India to compete in Arnold Classic and Amateur Olympia. She has been an ardent speaker at various Seminars for Fitness Education and has delivered numerous talks on Fitness Training and Motivation. She has also been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the United Nations Diplomatic Mission in Women and Child Empowerment and has been listed First in the Forbes magazine in 2020.

Besides this she has been a great proponent of incorporating some of the art forms in the Indian cultural heritage as the greatest methods to enhance oneself in totality, relish true wellness and become ageless

By practicing Kalaripayattu, Classical music and Bharatanatyam and studying the Natyashastra along with being a bodybuilder she has been instrumental in portraying their convergence with modern techniques of achieving invincible fitness.

Being the mother of an autistic child she has helped several mothers by guiding them as she sets an example on how to make a specially challenged child an achiever.

Her desire is to create a legacy and do her bit to bring about a paradigm change in the society, to evolve and modernize by going back to our heritage and nature.