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Role Players 2024

Dr. Rajashree Krishnaswamy

Founder & CEO
Catalyze Center for Learning

Catalyze is a vertically integrated EdTech company offering live interactive online programs personalized to the learner to students worldwide. It was founded by Dr. Rajashree Krishnaswamy and combines the power of education and technology with the “flipped class” approach with Subject experts from around the world.

Catalyze’s weschool vertical is an online school offering Cambridge private candidature to learners who take sport or music as mainstream. Catalyze’s weteach vertical offers afterschool support to school going learners. Our wecoach vertical provides competitive exam help and the wecounsel vertical counsels students for higher education.

Dr. Rajashree is a passionate educationist who believes in making a difference to the student community and today the company boasts of students in every continent across the world North America, UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East, India, Far east, Australia and New Zealand. The company today has crossed 125.000 hours of tutoring and has transformed 14,000 learners present in 40 countries.

The company has unique structured programs to suit the learning needs of the student. The Company has been founded on the philosophy that every child has a different learning curve. Since the company is global, Our expertise is in country specific Curricula and our Learning and Management (L&M division) continuously works on improving the Pedagogy. Catalyze has illuminated the path for several students through Psychometry, Counselling, specific programs that reach and enrich their academic potential using the online medium. Our students have got admission in Prestigious universities like Purdue, Cornell, Columbia, North Western to name a few.

“CREATING WORLD OF OPPORTUNITY” Her initiative of providing work from home opportunities to Qualified women who are employed as Tutors or Admin staff is a unique concept where women work from their respective locations as teachers and admin co-ordinators through a virtual office, empowering women and contributing to the GDP of the nation.