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Role Players 2024

Guest of Honour
Nisha JamVwal

Columnist Author
Luxury Brand Consultant
Equal Rights Activist & philanthropist

Columnist, author, brand consultant, designer -Nisha JamVwal's work in branding, luxury, social causes, Interiors Architecture & design blend seamlessly, converting her passion for the creative and visual arts into her work where all synergise seamlessly.

She authors six columns for international and Indian publications as well and does television .

In Nisha you find adversity has become an ally where her inspiring story even drew the attention of international best selling author Lord Jeffrey Archer so that he has chronicled her life story in 'And Thereby Hangs A Tale' where she is called by her real name.

Nisha is an equal rights activist working in cooperation with the Indian government to create accessibility & also a craft crusader to save our traditional heritage.

She has authored two books on traditional Indian craft.

A student leader from Delhi university she blazed a trail as the first woman to win in that role .

Renowned columnist, author, writer she is a multifaceted personality not restricted by walls that divide the arts, she seamlessly works in the worlds of fashion, architecture, design, traditional indian crafts, heritage and education enjoying every facet of her work and creative life.

Nisha's enduring passion is toward education and also educational development of underprivileged children and to promote adoption as well literacy for the underprivileged children especially in Orissa.

Nisha JamVwal has been seen as one of the most important influencers who’s social media following is very impactful with not only the indian public but also internationally and is seen as a rising player in the digital marketing game able to effectively build brand awareness as well as expose businesses to a larger portion of their target audience though events, panels, synergies & social media posts. She is able to subliminally generate traffic and eyeballs toward a brand with her social media presence and influence.

Nisha's blog archives her Business India, Asian Age, Youth Inc , Good Homes, Grazia, L'Official columns & articles *