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Role Players 2024

Nilisha Bhimani

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
June Consulting, Stay Fabulous

Nilisha Bhimani is a dynamic, multi-faceted professional dedicated to making a positive impact by harnessing her diverse expertise in the fields of fashion entrepreneurship, personal image, and transformational coaching. With a steadfast commitment to ‘Empowering Individuals to Elevate, Transform, and Thrive – Inside & Out!,’ she has emerged as a leader in helping people cultivate personal style, confidence, and a winning mindset.

Throughout her career spanning over 15 years across various geographies, she has provided personalised style and image consultations to over 1200 individuals, helping them discover their unique aesthetic and express themselves authentically. Additionally, she has delivered impactful training and coaching sessions to over 1000 individuals across diverse industries, equipping them with the tools and mindset for success.

Recognised for her expertise and influence, Nilisha has been invited to speak on numerous panel discussions and featured on podcasts and international YouTube shows. She was also named one of “India’s 25 Most Influential E-commerce Professionals of India 2016” by ARC & CMO Asia for her work on her fashion brand Stay Fabulous.

She currently divides her time between India and Vietnam with the focus of building her company June Consulting - a boutique coaching and consulting business aimed at empowering individuals and businesses to reach their full potential through personal development.