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Role Players 2024

Myah Payel Mitra

LinkedIn Top Voice, Somatic Leadership & Career Transition Coach

Myah, a LinkedIn Top Voice, is a distinguished award-winning global keynote speaker, coach, and corporate trainer. With over 15 years of robust tech expertise garnered at industry giants like TCS, HCL, and KPMG, Myah possesses a profound understanding of the modern workplace landscape. Nominated as the "Wellbeing Entrepreneur of the Year 2023", Myah is also celebrated as one of the Top 5 Women Entrepreneurs for her commitment to mental health advocacy. Myah holds a pioneer accolade by Encubay for her impactful contributions. Her work has been appreciated by global luminaries like Sheryl Sandberg ex COO of Meta. Through her work, Myah enables psychologically safe and thriving workplaces.

Her unconventional career move, from being an engineer to a certified movement therapy practitioner, transitioning from a Big 4 Management Consulting firm to a first-generation entrepreneur, makes her story unique and breaking barriers. Featured in leading global media, Myah's entrepreneurial journey and personal transformation story, highlighted in the book "Audaciousness," showcase her as the only Indian female coach among 41 global thought leaders.

Her passion for transformative leadership and dedication to fostering psychologically safe workplaces makes her a sought-after influencer and thought leader globally.