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Role Players 2024

Dr. Malathi Alagu

Group Director of Business Development
UNITAR International University

Appointed in 2016, Dr. Malathi Alagu is the Group Head of Business Development, at UNITAR International University (Malaysia). She brings over 33 years of progressive experience in business development in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors. She has a strong track record of success in developing and implementing strategies to increase sales, maintain customer relationships, and develop new markets. She had been taking different business functions and target markets. Having a core competency in business development, she had in the past assumed a wide breadth of roles in education, business development, learning and development, healthcare management, operational excellence, and strategic transformation. Apart from that, she also led and implemented the university's micro-credential framework. She also serves as a member of the ISTAC committee of the Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) which falls under the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia in formatting the agency’s Micro-Credential framework. Before this, her past experiences included setting up the nation's first mobile mammography service under the National Cancer Council. She was also responsible for conducting nationwide fund development programs to assist poor cancer patients under the purview of the National Cancer Council. After graduating as a biomedical imaging technologist at the University Malaya Medical Centre, she started her professional journey. She holds a Postgraduate in Bio-Medical Imaging from the University of Malaya, Malaysia, and a Post Graduate Programme in Breast Imaging from King's College London. Being in healthcare for 15 years did not stop her from succeeding in a forte far from her professional qualification.

In 2019, UNITAR International University awarded her the “Revenue Driver Award” for diversifying their business and bringing in new revenue opportunities.

2023 marked a great year for her as she completed her doctorate in business administration studies, at EU Business School, Europe and she also received the prestigious 2023 Malaysia’s Women Leader Award for her outstanding contributions and achievements. The remarkable recognition is a testament to Malathi's exceptional leadership, dedication, and significant contributions to UNITAR and the field of business development. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and ability to drive innovation have played a vital role in shaping UNITAR's success and reputation as a premier institution in education.