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Role Players 2024

Dirusha Ganapathy Juta

Founder and Managing Director
Beyond Transform

Dirusha stands out as a visionary leader in the industry, an international speaker, and a multi-award-winning HR professional with more than twenty years of experience. She has been instrumental in leading transformational changes, organizational redesign, and international initiatives throughout Africa and globally. Her efforts focus on boosting high performance within HR frameworks, ensuring they meet best practices in corporations of all sizes that are undergoing rapid evolution. Dirusha’s expertise in HR innovation and its role in addressing unemployment and advancing digitization has been recognized on platforms including CNBC Africa, highlighting her influence on both a regional and international scale.

Her outstanding contributions to the HR sector have earned her numerous prestigious awards, such as “HR Leader of the Year” and “Iconic Woman HR Leader,” and she has been a strong contender in categories like “Top Woman in ICT” and “HR Hall of Fame.” Dirusha's work in global HR transformation and her dedication to service excellence have been acknowledged within Fortune 500 companies, underlining her significant impact on the field.

Through her leadership at Beyond Transform, Dirusha champions socio-economic growth by fostering organizational high performance, providing HR consultancy, and implementing programs dedicated to education, critical skills development, employability readiness, youth development, and the empowerment of women. She is a proactive advocate for societal progress and leadership innovation, engaging in public speaking, partnerships with government bodies, serving on national boards, and contributing to international magazines. Holding an undergraduate degree in the field of Industrial Psychology and Public Administration as well as a postgraduate Honours degree in Psychology, Dirusha's academic background complements her professional achievements, positioning her as a key figure in promoting HR excellence and driving transformative change in society.