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Role Players 2024

Deepa Sapre

Fitness Coach
Nutritionist & Fitness Coach

An epitome of hardwork and dedication, Deepa has showed that it’s never too late to pursue one’s passion and achieve the goals one has set for themselves.

Deepa started her career in Bodybuilding at the age of 38yrs, after her son was born and when most women, especially in the Indian society have settled comfortably in the family life. At the age of 40 yrs She went on to bagging the prestigious IFBB Pro Card in Dec 2021, a feat every bodybuilder dreams of achieving. She has now set her eyes on the Olympia stage and is relentlessly working towards it day in and day out.

With Family and work responsibilities, it is not an easy task, but the challenge is what drives her and has got her this far.

She believes being healthy and fit is of utmost importance and as a Bodybuilder and Fitness Coach her endeavour is to promote Health and wellness in every segment of the society.

Her ultimate goal is to make every woman fit and strong, both physically and mentally, because she believes that ‘A Strong body makes the mind strong.’