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Role Players 2023

Ramya Ramachandran

Founder and CEO

"Hustle in silence and let your work make all the noise." This is an ethic that Ramya Ramachandran, Founder and CEO of Whoppl, lives by. A self-made entrepreneur with no background or family in business, an ambitious Ramya carved her own niche by founding Whoppl in 2019. Proving the naysayers wrong who value experience over ambition, Whoppl's pragmatic leader, today, is assisting individuals and organizations in connecting with their 'tribe' by leveraging the power of technology, effective content, business strategies, and their influencer and content management offering.

Whoppl is a woke influencer content management platform and one of the influencer content marketing disruptors. They assist brands in telling compelling stories through their social media channels by developing campaign strategy and providing production services. The organization also regularly sources trending digital creators with a genuine following, demonstrated engagement rates, and high-quality content.

At the age of just 24, where majority of the individuals struggle for focus in life, Ramya began her professional journey with a popular advertising firm where she developed a knack for spotting trends and anticipating the ever-changing market scenarios long before they came into being. Boasting of a strong academic background, Ramya has a major in advertising and marketing which, in turn, bolstered her in key areas like communications, design, consumer culture, social media, ethics and anthropology among others.

Soon after, the entrepreneur in her nudged her to embark on her entrepreneurial journey. She began by providing turnkey solutions to F&B brands across India, and then expanded to include solutions for designing, social media content, public relations, menu engineering, and influencer outreach.

During her first entrepreneurial venture, she observed real-time sales increases in the outlets as a result of strategic influencer marketing. This prompted her to consider broadening the horizon, as well as providing strategic influencer-led content to brands across industries.

She recognized the potential of this type of work, and thus Whoppl was born, focusing primarily on strategic influencer content marketing. Ramya has received numerous awards in recent years, in addition to being a prominent entrepreneur and disruptive game changer in the industry. She has received the BW Disrupt 30 under 30 and IMPACT 30 under 30 awards.

Ramya's greatest strength is that she built an organization from the ground up, even when there was a lot of competition. Despite the fact that there were other players in the market, Ramya recognized the potential of influencers at a time when it was not as large as it is today. She took this knowledge and applied it to create something valuable not only for herself, but also for the influencer content management industry as a whole.

Her love for adventure and persistence to break archaic industry practices saw Ramya providing equal opportunities to newcomers like her as well as experienced professionals. Her focus on consistent learning also transcends to Whoppl which thrives on constant diversification in its tryst to remain a cut above the rest. When she's not obsessing over making a dent in the industry, Ramya can be seen striking off exquisite locations from her travel checklist.

Thanks to her love for travel, the young entrepreneur has developed a hunger for distinctive food, people and cultures. When it comes to sports, Ramya has a passion for badminton and loves surfing. And, when corporate responsibilities drain her out, Ramya resorts to yoga which allows her to return stronger than ever - because for this self-motivated entrepreneur, the hustle never stops!