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Role Players 2023

Kalika Sharma

Heart of Twilight

Kalika Sharma is a certified Master Circle Facilitator who helps women leaders and entrepreneurs on a journey of self-discovery to offer their services from a place of deeper purpose and self-awareness through women's circles and transformational coaching. This work involves uncovering limiting beliefs related to social conditioning, so we can become more visible and grow in our service in the world. She offers both a one-circle experience as well as a signature program called Feminine Sovereignty for women in sacred circles as well as one-on-one coaching. The program has a wholistic approach to the discovery of your core self, building self-awareness in the areas of original wounding, which impacts your nurture, masculine and feminine energy, which impacts your nature, and leading from your connection with your body. All of these together make us a wholistic and healed woman who is also creating meaningful impact in the world. Her vision for the future is that as women step into leadership roles more than ever, we undo the social conditioning of what limits us as women. Her work is to help facilitate this change for women individually and collectively.

Why I work exclusively with women leaders
Women have inherited a lot of different stories about what kinds of leaders we could be in the world. There still are a lot of stereotypes around how women should be; and at the same time, we are at the threshold of claiming our power, challenging the status quo, and becoming visible more than ever before. Do you feel ready for it? This is an exciting time to be a woman! My signature program offers you the opportunity to uncover old stories and tapes that keep you playing small or keep you stuck in a pattern that does not serve your growth. The result of being in the circle program is that you will experience a transformational journey, have ongoing support, and receive the tools necessary to 1. know your purpose, 2. reparent yourself, 3. balance your feminine and masculine energies, 4. claim greater body confidence, which will 5. impact you and your leadership forever

How to know if you are ready to be in circle or coaching with me:
  • You wish to deeply enquire about your purpose and what being aligned to your soul brings to your leadership and visibility.
  • You are on the path of examining your family of origin and their beliefs that are holding you back from being your full self.
  • You want to powerfully claim both your masculine and feminine sides, irrespective of what society tells us about gender.
  • You wish to prioritise your body and deeply connect with its natural wisdom to live as an embodied woman, rather than pushing yourself to burn out. Note: Circle and coaching are in no way a replacement for therapy.