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Mentor to Entrepreneurs, Influencers & Business Leaders International Keynote Speaker, Presenter, Moderator
Women on the Leading Edge, Inc.

Dr. Rita Lustgarten is a master influencer, transformational leader, management consultant, business growth strategist, dynamic speaker and moderator, seminar leader and facilitator. She is also a humanitarian and philanthropist. She consults companies globally along with working with entrepreneurs and business leaders across all industries-- helping them to rise to higher levels of influence, distinguish themselves as thought leaders in the marketplace and grow their businesses and income, exponentially.

She is CEO of Women on the Leading Edge, a global leadership and business development firm and Global Visionaries Inc. a Strategic Brand Consulting firm. As an evolutionary leader herself, she is masterful at empowering leaders on a global level to leverage their talents and skills, build lucrative businesses, become the defining difference in the marketplace, and leave their mark on the world. She has the rare capacity to take entrepreneurs and business leaders, to more significant levels of distinction, achievement and fulfillment She is deeply passionate about unleashing the unlimited leadership potential of women and working with women who feel a higher calling to contribute, empowering women to embrace their financial power and attain greater levels of influence, income and freedom. At Women on the Leading Edge, Inc. she inspires women to go beyond where they presently are, achieving unprecedented levels of success.

She has worked as an advisor to top leaders in the Financial, Environmental, Technology, Retail industries and non-profits, along with serving several celebrities and consulting with companies globally. Dr. Rita's partial client list includes Exxon, General Electric, Motorola, The Gap, Citibank, Smith Barney, Google, Groupon, Williams-Sonoma, Chicago Tribune, and Lucent Technologies. Dr. Rita was recently featured in Forbes magazine as "Game Changer" for her outstanding work with women business leaders globally. She has been recognized for helping women to dynamically distinguish themselves in the global marketplace and become a powerful part of a new economic force reshaping the world.

Dr. Lustgarten holds 2 master's -degrees in Clinical Psychology, and Human and Organizational Development and a doctorate in Human Development & Organizational Systems with a specialization in Women's Global Leadership. She was awarded a fellowship for her outstanding work in the field of women and leadership and her concomitant contribution to a national initiative called Creative, Longevity, and Wisdom, a project of the Institute for Social Innovation. She has received the prestigious honor of being knighted as "Dame" of Honor by the Orthodox Order of St. John, Russian Grand Priory (the oldest humanitarian order on the planet) for her philanthropic endeavors and lifelong service to humanity.