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Role Players 2019

Nilufer Bulut

Chair of Turkish Businesswoman Association
Turkish Businesswoman Association

After graduating with master degree from the Department of Economics at Istanbul University in 1998, Ms. Bulut began her career in the finance sector. She has continued her career as an entrepreneur by founding Advertisement and Management Consultancy in 1995 and Project Strategy Development and Design Office in 1997. She managed several brand and political campaigns. As the chairperson of Bulut Holding, Nilüfer Bulut still continues her career inconstruction, packagingand IT Technologies sectors. She is also chairperson of Bulut Education Foundation. During all this years, she's also interested in the women issues. In 2004, she brougth some prominent business women together, and founded Turkish Business women Association (TIKAD). As an leader of NGO, she confered many awards due to her efforts in social area and making changes and achieving results in women issues. In 2010, she was deemed worthy of the 'Strategic Vision Award' which is awarded to the most prestigious names in the business world by the Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM) for her efforts in rendering women more effective in the business world and in capital widening for businesses ran by women. She continues her works on eliminating professional and social genderinequality, supporting women in entering politics and especially taking place in decision making positions and increasing the economic power of business women.