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Role Players 2017

Richa Pande

Chief People Officer
Inatech Infosolutions Private Ltd. A Glencore Company.

Doctorate (PhD) in Organizational Behaviour from University of Delhi and have 24 years of experience in the field of HR. As an interest in Academics, I have also been visiting faculty for MBA course in HR in premier Management Institutes. My current assignments are with IIM Trichy and LIBA, Chennai. My interest also lies in contributing to HR fraternity. I'm in the taskforce committee of CII –HR for Southern region. Recently I participated in a case study competition organized by CII, Mumbai and was awarded second prize. Current Role – Chief Performance Officer, Inatech – A Glencore Company. Inatech is an ERP product company with expertise in oil & gas, marine industry. As a technology company, people capabilities are at the core of Business.

Topic : Employer Branding
There is growing concern among CEOs about finding and keeping the best talent to achieve Business growth plans. Different surveys show that in 2014, 36% of global employers reported talent shortages, in a more recent 2015 survey, 73% of CEOs reported being concerned about the availability of key skills.

In a war of talent, employer branding is a powerful tool.

Look at how you're hiring: think candidate experience. Do you force job seekers through a maze-like microsite for career opportunities, then fail to acknowledge their applications with an email or letter (approximately 70% of hiring companies are in this camp)? Do you put people through tests and five phone screens, then never follow up?

Then look at the employee experience – What employees do everyday, the actions they take, and how they perceive the actions of their managers and top management. There have been enough studies that have reported that on an average only 30% of the employees are engaged. The remaining are partly engaged or disengaged.

How does this impact our ability to attract and retain people?

Today our thoughts, experiences are not private, anymore. We cannot ignore that online media and social networking is changing the employment landscape in many subtle but fundamental ways. Our ability to enhance employee/ candidate experience and leverage social media would go a long way in establishing employer brand.

The presentation would focus on some of these aspects to enable audience
>> Appreciate how they are responsible for creating a right image of the Organization
>> Sensitize HR professionals to identify suitable strategies for employer branding in their Organization