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Role Players 2017

Juliet Pratt

Regional President-Oceania International Speaker
World Alliance for Mercury-free Dentistry

Juliet Pratt- New Zealand

International Speaker
Regional President-Oceania "World Alliance for Mercury-free Dentistry"
" Women Super Achiever Award" 2017

After battling years of chronic illness and being honoured in the top 1% of Financial Advisers worldwide, Juliet was instrumental in leading a national health campaign to New Zealand Parliament which has become worldwide.

Invitations to speak at a World Financial Conference in Montreal, The French Professional Speakers Association in Paris and The Global Speakers Summit in Amsterdam, as a renowned champion in overcoming adversity, and, as an award winning financial business owner. Juliet truly inspires her international audiences with a valuable message that people across the whole world wish to hear. She has been interviewed on radio and television, featured in magazines, many local and international newspapers as far away as United Kingdom.

It was a huge honour for Juliet to be invited to represent Oceania as Regional President of the "World Alliance for Mercury-free Dentistry". A non-government and non-profit organisation, Juliet works tirelessly with professionals from 5 continents, to end the dental mercury era. A model of perseverance and determination, Juliet now plays a crucial role with her international recognised work at the United Nations Environmental Programme Mercury Treaty ,"Minamata Convention on Mercury".

Juliet has travelled to six UNEP treaty negotiations globally, to lobby governments and foster pivotal ties between the World Alliance for Mercury-free Dentistry and the Oceania government delegates. Juliet is a woman of rare fortitude and a recipient of the "Pacific Hero Award" in scribed "Your work helped place amalgam in the mercury treaty". Amalgam dental fillings (know as silver fillings) which are 50% mercury, will now be phased out globally.

An invitation to address members of New Zealand and Australian Parliament and UN invitation to address Oceania Government delegates with her unique and powerful way of communicating, this has instigated greater awareness for her crusade across Oceania.

Juliet has paved the way and dedicated her life to reversing the health and environmental effects of mercury amalgam globally, a legacy to leave for generations to come.