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Vasi Govinder-Padayachy

Chief Executive Officer
TSL Group SA

A young woman with hopes and dreams of creating real opportunities for others, Vasi started her legal career in financial collections after completing her legal studies at UNISA. She soon discovered her passion for the space and where and how she could make a contribution. Having seen the effects of insurmountable debt and its impact on individuals and their families, she was sure she could reframe debt collection to assist consumers to transition from living in debt to creating their own wealth. Driven by this dream, Vasi started her first TSL business in 1998 with the vision of making a difference and touching lives.

An entrepreneur at heart, Vasi soon grew the TSL Group into key industries - expanding from legal services into telecoms, water and property, and leaving her mark in these sectors. Today her group of businesses employs over 130 team members and has collected over R1 billion in debt since inception. Guided by its founding promise of delivering credible business solutions, the team remains committed to touching the lives of its customers in a positive and meaningful way: the value it brings must be actively felt and experienced.

Under Vasi's leadership, empowering and developing young graduates remains a priority, with TSL giving many their first work opportunity. In 2021 the group launched its own learnership programme – providing youth from HDI groups with training and professional development geared to launch their own careers and make them more marketable and employable.

While serving clients at the highest leadership level, Vasi can still often be found in the contact centre on the phone with customers needing extra motivation or reassurance, or inviting young team members to practice call scenarios with her. She remains inspired to drive best practice and innovation in what are still mainly male-dominated industries, bringing positive and transformative change. She acts as mentor to many young women with their own entrepreneurial dreams, and is committed to creating new opportunities and unlocking possibilities through her work. She has won several prestigious awards including the MIW award in 2012 and 2014.