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Doctoral Student, EIU Paris
Pedagogical Director & Workplace Happiness Coach
Council for Creative Education

ABOUT Simran Ballani is an accomplished author, educationist, curriculum innovator, and workplace happiness/leadership coach. With over 25 years of experience in education, talent management, and client servicing for the APAC and US markets, Simran has excelled in various roles. She holds a gold medal in Early Childhood Education and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the European International University, Paris.

As the Pedagogical Director and Workplace Happiness Coach at the Council for Creative Education, Finland, Simran brings a deep understanding of fostering happiness in the workplace through creative pedagogy and early years research. She has also been recognized as a speaker, host, and anchor at the prestigious 10th International Symposium on Creative Education Technology, showcasing her expertise and commitment to advancing creative education practices.

  • Research Paper
  • Etiquette Learning and Public Speaking: Early Etiquette Learning and Its
  • Impact on Higher Education and Working Professionals published by
  • World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology(
  • Etiquette & Netiquette for Teachers - CCE Finland

  • Doctoral Candidate - EIU, Paris
  • Professional Certificate in Education Psychology - EIU Paris
  • Diploma in Teaching vs Learning - Pedagog
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education Leadership - Asian College
  • Phenomenon Based Learning – CCE Finland
  • Gold Medalist - Diploma in Early childhood, India
  • Fundamentals of Human Resources, NCHRA CA, USA
  • Project Management – Primavera USA
  • FY LLB & Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma in ICT, Mumbai University

  • Educational Strategy & Implementation
  • Finnish Early years curriculum
  • innovator & developer
  • Performance & Workplace
  • Happiness Coaching
  • Education Leadership Coaching
  • Parenting with Happiness
  • Student Engagement Model
  • Education Psychology
  • Teaching vs Learning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Innovator of Etiquette Learning & Public Speaking curriculum

  • Excellence in Leadership
  • Unlock Happiness - Workplace/Life
  • From Self-care to Creativity
  • From Self-care to Parenting
  • Etiquette Learning & Public
  • Speaking - Students/ Teachers

  • Anchor - 10th International Symposium on Creative Education Technology conducted at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland
  • Speaker - Excellence in Leadership - World Women Congress
  • Speaker/ Research Presentation - Student Engagement Model - BITS PILANI ICON 2023
  • Keynote Speaker - Mindfulness in Educators - Asian Conclave - Bangkok
  • Session Expert - Play-way Learning - ICSN - Thailand
  • Session Expert - Creatively Rebooting Schools - CIS - Bangkok
  • Implementation of Finnish & NEP Pedagogy - World Education Congress - India
  • PhBL at Early Years - Creative Education Conference - CCE Finland
  • Early Childhood vision statement - IIT - Mumbai - India
  • Importance of Etiquette Learning - TLC - BITS PILANI TLC 2020
  • Stress Management of Educators - ECDF
  • NEP Policy Implementation – CCE Finland
  • Basic of Netiquette for Educators - CCE Finland
  • Introducing STEM to preschoolers - Indian Education Congress