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Mrs Pramila Khadun is a write/poetess from the Republicof Mauritius. Married to Raj, she has three children Dr Rajnee, Captain Kaviraj and Priyumvada. She is holder of a BSc degree in Home Economics from S.N.D.T. University, India and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from Mauritius Institute of Education. Before retiring as educator, she was head of Home Economics at Modern College. She has had published the following so far:
  • Seven collections of poetry
    - Priyumvada
    - Rajnee
    - Kavi
    - Shangri-La
    - Igniting Key
    - Women
    - Pearls of Wisdom
  • Two Novels
    - When love speaks
    - He left everything for her
  • One text book entitled Food and Nutrition Simplified – a best seller
  • A booklet Understanding Diabetes
She has contributed in at least 100 international anthologies. She has received various certificates of recognition worldwide.
  • She is one among the Incredible Women of India
  • Ade CapasManilah (Australia) projected her as one of the twenty five women of essence
  • KC Sethi projected her as one among the women of virtue across the world
  • Her poems have been frequently highly recommended by Destiny Poets based in the UK
  • Recently she won the Ravindranath Tagore Poetry International Prize where she held second position
  • World Women Leadership Congress awarded her Africa's Woman Leaders award in December 2022.