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Managing Director
Elanco Innovation and Alliance Centre India (IAC).

Mukta Arora is the Managing Director at Elanco Innovation and Alliance Centre India (IAC). With a background in the pharmaceutical industry, Mukta brings over two decades of experience to her role. She has a diverse skill set and has worked in various domains including Strategy, HR, Learning and Development, Sales and Marketing, Operations, and Business Development.

Prior to joining Elanco, Mukta spent a significant portion of her career at Eli Lilly, where she successfully set up and led the Lilly Capability Centre LCCI. Recognizing her expertise and leadership, Elanco invited her to replicate her success and she set up their Innovation and Alliance Centre, which is now a strategic node for Elanco.

Mukta is a certified trainer in Insights, Situational Leadership, and Mind Mapping. She is passionate about coaching leaders and believes in incorporating key habits for unique and successful leadership, drawing inspiration from renowned author Steven Covey.

As a member of industry associations such as OPPI, CII, and NASSCOM, Mukta actively participates in industry conferences and enjoys sharing her insights and experiences. She leads the Elanco Women's Network and the Elanco India Network, championing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives within the organization. Mukta also serves on the Global Steering lead team for the Women Leadership Development Program at Elanco.

Under Mukta's leadership, the IAC has garnered several internal and external awards for its DE&I foundation and inclusive culture. She strongly believes in engaging hearts and minds to achieve business excellence. As a leader, she strives to create a safe, equitable, and engaging culture that empowers talent to solve challenging problems.

Outside of work, Mukta is a dedicated family person. She is married and has a son. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, playing golf, and traveling.