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Founder and CEO
MS Education Consultants

Dr. Mariam Shaikh is an eminent professional in the Education field based in United Arab Emirates with over 35 years of experience and continued success. Her expertise covers Student Recruitment, Marketing, Strategic Development, International Relations and Student Experience.

She has held key positions in reputed and prominent Universities in UAE and has worked actively with aspiring students looking to pursue Higher Education from all over the World.

Her professional endeavors in Education started in the early 80's when she owned a Nursery School inspired by her own children and then went on to Head a prominent School group as Principal. Dr. Mariam was integral to the exponential growth of the School making it one of the largest Asian schools in UAE with over 7000 students.

Following this, Dr. Mariam entered the Higher Education Sector to pursue new opportunities and assist students to fulfill their academic and career aspirations. She has played a key role in establishing some of the most reputed foreign University branch campuses in UAE such as the University of New Brunswick in Dubai Knowledge Village, which was her first pioneering effort to encourage foreign Universities to set up their campuses in Dubai.

She has held senior leadership positions at the Canadian University of Dubai, Heriot-Watt University Dubai and Amity University in Dubai and has actively contributed towards the start-up, exponential growth and development of the student population in these institutions' foreign branch campuses.

Dr. Mariam has been a keynote speaker at several Conferences and a spokesperson on various digital platforms, overseas and locally, promoting the world class education offered by Institutions based in UAE. She has travelled extensively as a Brand Ambassador and has been part of foreign delegations to promote Higher Education. Over the years, she has contributed relentlessly to establishing Dubai as an Education Hub and as a destination of choice for Higher Education.

Dr. Mariam is tremendously passionate about her work and assisting students. Throughout her journey, she has worked closely with students of over 100 different nationalities, guiding and empowering them to pursue goals that they are passionate about and to work hard to achieve their goals.

She was also appointed as the Chief Happiness Officer and Vice President of Student Experience during her professional career in Universities. She implemented several projects and initiatives to promote and foster happiness and to create a positive and happy environment for students and encourage them to take the lead.

She strongly supports international exposure and the amalgamation of various cultures to help create a tolerant and peaceful global society which will in turn be progressive and establish a bright future for the next generations to follow.

Dr. Mariam received an Honorary Doctorate in Transformational Educational Leadership in 2020 and was also appointed as President of the Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club to encourage trade and collaboration between companies in the Commonwealth countries and thereby create jobs and alleviate poverty.

Dr. Mariam is an active supporter of women entrepreneurs through the Global Women Entrepreneurs Group in Dubai where she promotes collaboration in Education and Professional Development. Her mission includes supporting and empowering women in the mainstream economy through skill development, entrepreneurial projects and improving young women's access to mentors and new venture incubators.

In 2020, Dr. Mariam set up MS Education Consultants based in UAE with the strong belief that "It is never too late to set a new goal, or dream a new dream".