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Founder and Managing Director
Beyond Transform

Dirusha is a future fit industry and thought leader, international speaker and a multiple award-winning HR professional with over 20 years of experience working across Africa and globally, driving complex transformational, organisational redesign and cross border projects focused on the optimisation of HR models withing rapidly growing organisations; alignment to HR best practices and driving high performance within fastpaced medium to large sized national and multinational corporations.

Dirusha has appeared in multiple press releases where she was interviewed by ABP News internationally, the "Afternoon Express," in South Africa as well as CNBCAfrica, regarding HR innovations and its impact on unemployment and digitisation as we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution. She also regularly contributes to both local and international publications influencing change and fostering a paradigm shift in thinking within society.

In 2017, Dirusha achieved notable recognition in the field of HR, receiving the esteemed title of "100 Most Influential Global HR Professionals" at the World HRD Congress. During the same year, she outshined competitors from multinational corporations and secured the honor of "HR Leader of the Year" at the prestigious Future of HR Awards. Continuing her trajectory of success, Dirusha's remarkable achievements have garnered international acclaim in 2023. She was honored as a "Global Woman Leader" at the World Women Leadership Congress, highlighting her exceptional leadership skills. Additionally, she received the distinguished title of "Iconic Woman HR Leader" in recognition of her significant contributions to the HR field.

Dirusha's remarkable journey has also led to her being recognized as a finalist in various prestigious award categories such as "HR Rising Star of the Year" and "HR Hall of Fame." In 2020, she was recognized as a "Top Woman in ICT" at the 2020 Standard Bank Top Women Awards, endorsed by the Commission for Gender Equality and United Nations Women. During her corporate career, Dirusha was recognised by a large multinational corporation for her invaluable contributions to the Global HR transformation project. Additionally, she received the Group HR Services Excellence Award within a large Bank in 2008, setting a benchmark of excellence within the HR domain. These accolades demonstrate Dirusha's commitment to advancing the field of HR, here ability to drive impactful change, and her contributions to thought leadership both locally and internationally.

Dirusha is the Founder and Managing Director of Beyond Transform, a socially conscious HR consultancy that was positioned as a leader of gender empowerment and transformation at the 2020 Standard Bank Top Women Awards held in South Africa. Beyond Transform drives socio-economic development by leveraging HR Consulting and various bespoke programs in Education, Critical Skills Development, Job Creation, Employability Readiness, Youth Development and Women's Empowerment.

Dirusha influences change and fosters a paradigm shift in thinking within society through several initiatives: (1) via public speaking; (2) her alignment with government in the E4E – Education for Employability Programme - that promotes pathways in employment opportunities especially for disadvantaged youth; (3) as a Board member of the South African Career Development Association that is aligned to government in supporting a skilled and capable workforce to support an inclusive growth path; (4) as the National Chair of the Change Management Committee for the South African Board for People Practices, a professional HR body that provides a credible voice to the HR profession and people practices within the workplace across South Africa; (5) implementation of critical skills programs supporting empowerment and workplace evolution; (6) by regularly speaking about key topics that facilitates transformation within organisation; (7) and by contributing to local and international magazines.

Dirusha holds an undergraduate and a post-graduate Honours degree in the fields of Industrial Psychology, Public Administration and Psychology.