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Reconnective Healing SG

Dawn is a proof that word-of-mouth is still the most impactful marketing and influencing tool for her areas of work in serving the masses, as she chooses to focus on her clients to help them reset their health.

As such, the demands for Dawn's distance healing, online and in-person sessions to help them with their physical, emotional and mental blocks and health issues have been the highest in 2023, since Reconnective Healing SG started in 2012, and she is extremely grateful for the partnership established with Health Yoga & Therapy Singapore in being able to serve more people.

To date, Dawn continues to make impact to and empower her past, present and potential clients on the concept of reconnecting to and speeding up our self-healing abilities to live a pain-free life – fulfilling her motto of "setting hearts free", leading the industry on regaining health through medication-free and non-invasive therapies and procedures.

Dawn passionately shares about the importance of emotional health, that impacts mental and physical health through online workshops and talks, and was invited to speak and inspire at the Global Mental Well-being Summit, along with many other world renowned speakers from USA, Australia, Hong Kong, and India.