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Managing Director

Daraphong GNOUTITHAM, widely known as Mina, is an extraordinary force in the world of entrepreneurship, known for her visionary outlook, genuine compassion, and unwavering leadership. Her transformative impact on various vital industries in Lao PDR is nothing short of remarkable.

Mina's journey to success began with her tenacious pursuit of diverse professional experiences. She fearlessly embraced part-time opportunities, working across a spectrum of projects spanning private companies to NGOs. Fuelling her ambitions further, she embarked on a transformative educational journey in Montpellier, France, where she obtained a Master's degree in System Information and Human Resource Management at the remarkable age of 22.

Currently, Mina stands as the founder and manager of several enterprises aimed at revolutionizing Vientiane and other regions of Laos. Her endeavours encompass crucial areas such as education development, gender equality, and environmental projects, exemplifying her unyielding commitment to positive change.

In the realm of rural and community development, Mina's consulting firm ESDS has become a driving force for progress. Additionally, her profound dedication to environmental protection shines through her pioneering Waste Management Company, WASTEPRO GROUP, and SMALL B. These ventures demonstrate her tireless efforts to create sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow.

Mina's compassionate nature extends beyond these realms, as she champions the improvement of lives and equal opportunities for women, young ethnic minorities, and individuals with disabilities. Through her fine jewelry export enterprise, LAO PRIDE INC, she has become a beacon of hope and progress. Her enterprise has been widely recognized as a trailblazer for fostering Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace, setting an inspiring example for others to follow.

As the Vice President of the SME Association, Mina has emerged as an inspirational figure, particularly for young women in Laos. Her unwavering determination and achievements continually inspire Lao women to embrace ambition and set loftier goals. Furthermore, Mina serves as a catalyst for cultivating growth mindsets and behaviors, empowering individuals to unlock their full potential.

Daraphong GNOUTITHAM, or Mina, embodies the essence of a true leader and entrepreneur. Her relentless pursuit of transformative change, coupled with her deep empathy and authenticity, makes her an exemplary role model. Through her endeavors, she propels not only her nation but also the lives of countless individuals towards a brighter and more equitable future.