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CEO - Customer Experience Management
Dentsu International Thailand

Apirada, the CEO of Customer Experience Management at Dentsu International Thailand, is a visionary leader who understands the power of connecting personal purposes with company purposes. With a strong emphasis on compassion and creativity, she drives business initiatives that have a positive impact on both the organization and society.

Apirada's pioneering spirit leads her to constantly experiment with new capabilities and innovations. In her role at Dentsu, she strives to help clients transform their businesses by leveraging exceptional experience design and cutting-edge technology, enabling them to thrive in the new S-Curve era.

During her tenure at Cigna, she spearheaded digital transformation and innovation, propelling the company to become the leading health insurance provider. Notably, amidst the COVID-19 crisis, she forged a partnership with the leading startup QueQ, offering a free queuing system for vaccines and COVID-19 testing. Additionally, she collaborated with top influencers to co-create wellness content, emphasizing the importance of holistic well-being.

In her previous role in the telecom industry, Apirada played a significant role in establishing dtac as a trailblazer in innovative marketing. She implemented cutting-edge technologies such as customer data platforms (CDP), data mining, and contextual marketing to enhance the customer experience. Moreover, she continues to devote herself to giving back to society, acting as a speaker and mentor to startups, fostering the growth of a creative business economy in Thailand.

Overall, Apirada's journey as a compassionate and creative leader demonstrates how aligning personal values with company objectives can lead to transformative results and make a meaningful difference in the world.