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Founder, Heavenly Music (Education) Diplomat
Goodwill Ambassador for Singapore
Honorary Advisor for International Youth Workshop
Chairperson, Women's Wing International
Swakop Uranium (Pty) Ltd.

Amb. Faith Hung has been appointed with due respect and honour as Goodwill Ambassador for Singapore (diplomat). She is also M.S Singapore Crown Keeper (Hall of Fame), Chairperson of Women's Wing International, Organiser of International Conference, and Founder.

She had been a cover girl and was interviewed and featured as an inspirational figure in international magazines multiple times. In addition, she was 4-time winner of Best Dressed competition.

She had been invited as chief guest and reached out to the public upon invitation by local or international platform, hardcopy magazines or social media, sharing her inspiring story and also delivered speeches on various topics such as World Peace, Women Empowerment, Interfaith Harmony, Health and Fashion, and conducted workshops on leadership and communication skills, thereby educating, inspiring and empowering many.

She had collaborated with India Major General, Sri Lanka His Highness, Philippines Municipal Councilor and celebrities, and a number of JCI key leaders for International Conference and Overseas National Project, creating positive impact across countries, generations, sectors and genders.