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Role Players 2018

Hikmat Al Kaitoob

Chief Community Officer
Arab Fashion Council

Hikmat Al Kaitoob makes her presence felt within minutes of meeting her. An icon for a new generation of strong and influential Arab women, her personal strength and allure is evident even before her astounding accomplishments are mentioned. She is a business woman, lifestyle icon, social figure, humanist, wife and mother but what distinguishes her is her humility and respect for people around her. Through her drive to accomplish more and rise above all restrictions place on her, she has become one of Dubai's most prominent women.

Family Life
Hikmat believes keeping family central to her life is of primary importance. "If you are not happy in the house you will never be successful outside" she states with proud sentiment. Hikmat is married to a prominent Emirati businessman, the Former Undersecretary of Justice in Dubai. She has raised two daughters and one son. Her children see her as a support system and a friend who is with them through their happy and difficult times

Charity and Women Empowerment
Hikmat has presence that allows people to feel comfortable and charmed around her. Although she maintains a busy schedule, her deep desire to create change is reflected in her large hearted commitments to an enormous list charities such as Al Noor Charity Center, Rashid Pediatric Center, Make a Wish Foundation, Oil Baron, Oxfam, The Global Gift and numerous others. She is consistently invited as the front row lady and acknowledge for her large contributions to the less privileged. As a women entrepreneur she also wishes to pass on her knowledge via her membership at the Dubai Business Women Council, Abu Dhabi Business Women Council, Emirates Women Council, Arab Business Women Council. She also contributes as the Board Advisor of Emirates BPW for the empowerment of other women in business. The big NGO which base in Los Angeles (Face Forward) partnered Mrs. Hikmat and choose her as an Advisor/ Ambassador for the U.A.E.