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Role Players 2018

Diana Dentinger

Inspirational Speaker, Dynamic Trainer, Podcast Host, Founder
Your Life Your Way, Creator Personality and Needs Profile

Diana Dentinger is an Innovative Change Maker and Influential Thought Leader who inspires you to Live "Who You Really Are". In her Number One Self Help Transformation book "Modus Vivendi - Your Life Your Way" she takes you on a journey to discover yourself. She shares her core message in the book's trailer video: Tce6oY1-ukU

Diana has been an Entrepreneur, Corporate Team Building Specialist and Executive Coach for over 25 years. Certified in all the major behavior assessments, she found them incomplete and outdated so in the year 2000 she began her research to create the only 21st Century Personality Profile.

Studying with top European Sociologists, Anthropologists and Psychologists, Diana became a neurobiology therapist for psychosomatic illnesses specialized in etymology, key word coding and symbology. Reverse engineering this advanced research in neuroscience, applying biological principles of the brain and interweaving her profound knowledge about human programming, Diana found the key to unlock the secrets in a your DNA so you achieve fulfillment, success and happiness without the risks of losing yourself along the way.

The Personality & Needs Profile™ and Your Life Your Way™ Coaching Programs catalyze long lasting change in you so they are able to integrate your complete set of personality talents, fulfill your life purpose and step powerfully into your greater potential. Diana elaborated her tools for left and right brainers, combining essential logical awareness and creative play.

Now Diana is on a mission to revolutionize and raise the standards of the Coaching Industry. Since "Know thyself" has been a guiding principle in every cultural philosophy, Diana understands that deep inside each person craves personalized answers to existential questions. Up until now, the assessments in the Personal & Professional Development Industry have been great first steps, but people are ready to take a deep dive!

"Identity is not an option, it is a necessity." states Diana. "It is what allows you to realize yourself along your unique path in life."

As host of the Your Life Your Way Podcast and offering the Faciltator Certification Program, Diana is helping more people globally discover their untapped potential so they can find solutions to their challenges as well as meaning in every life situation.

American born in Chicago, Illinois, Diana has lived over 30 years in Europe raising her 4 children in northern Italy. In her free time she loves to travel, dance, study and have fun!