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Simran Ballani

COO - CCE Finland
Doctoral Student, European International University, France

Simran Ballani, a doctoral candidate with European International University, France is also an accomplished author, educationist, and workplace happiness coach, brings a wealth of experience to her multifaceted roles. With a gold medal in Early Childhood Education and ongoing doctoral studies at the European International University, she currently serves as the Pedagogical Director and Workplace Happiness Coach at the Council for Creative Education in Finland.

Simran's expertise extends to education, talent acquisition, and client servicing, with a specialization in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for Leadership Excellence. In her role, she leads school development, quality audits, and accreditation for Finnish model schools, demonstrating a global commitment to creative education through extensive training and coaching programs in the Middle East and Asia. Simran actively contributes to early years research and conferences with the NGO ECDF. Her recognition as a speaker and host at esteemed events, such as the 10th International Symposium on Creative Education Technology in Finland, underscores her dedication to fostering happiness in educational environments and advancing global education excellence.