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Role Players 2023

Sulbha Kaushal Rai

Chief People Officer

Sulbha is a seasoned Human Resource professional with rich experience of over 2 decades in the industry. She is one of the few women, holding leadership position in the finance/ Fintechsector. In her current capacity as Chief People Officer- RenewBuy, she has been instrumental in integrating the HR Department with Business Strategy, through HRD COE (Centre of Excellence) for Talent Management, HR Transformation, Training, Learning and Development, Organizational Effectiveness and Performance Management.

At RenewBuy, her role has been commendable in setting up HR process and industry connect to acquire the best of talent- at top level/ senior level/ mid-level and entry level professionals. She has also been a vital contributor in setting up HR policies in the organization and worked consistently to make RenewBuy gender and diversity inclusive. With her efforts, RenewBuy (in the last six years of its existence), has been one the few gender friendly organizations in the industry.

She is also the founder of People Matrix - an HR consulting firm committed to leveraging 'People' asset to organizations' success and creating a winning proposition for business and people. The organization helps with a multi-faceted approach in the HR related industry requirements.

Sulbha is an avid contributor to eminent HR forums as a panellist and has been a part of coveted events and forums.

Prior to the stint as a CPO at RenewBuy, she has worked with multinationals, Big4s, Consulting Firms, Start-ups, and SMEs during her career stint.