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Role Players 2023

Shikha Pakhide

Head of Marketing- Jio Matrix
Jio Platforms Ltd.

B2B Growth Marketing Leader with close to two decades of Marketing experience, who is passionate about Go To Market strategy, Brand Awareness, Account Based Marketing, Account Based Experience and Demand Generation. Shikha believes in One Team Approach and collaborates with respective teams in driving the company's revenue. All the marketing activities which she designs are aligned with Growth and Revenue at the core.

Shikha has been awarded as the Most Innovative Martech leader by the World Marketing Congress. She is an active member of CMO Alliance Community and CMO Council. She believes in expanding her learning horizon by participating as a Panelist in the Marketing Events (virtual/ in person both), be the guest on Podcasts aimed for Sr. Marketers.

Her focus for the next three years is to understand the ever evolving role of CMO and how the organisations are embracing the concept of plugging revenue and growth giving shape to CMO 2.0, CMRO (Chief Marketing Revenue Officer) , CGO (Chief Growth Officer)

Her lane of genius is she never gives up and her mantra is - Learn, Unlearn, Re Learn.