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Role Players 2023

Sameera Koyratty

Chapter Lead - Mauritius
Women in Tech Africa.

Outgoing, Energetic, Entrepreneur, Generous and Professional. These are the attributes I have earned through my life and they define most aptly my life experiences.

I am a determined person who did not give up despite the hardships which came my way. In fact, these encouraged me to shape my life with my goals so as to achieve my dreams and to set an example for my kids foremost.

My passion for teaching and my proficiency for IT inspired me to open a training centre, Safe Sha Training Centre. Now I live my passions and share them with and instill them in kids, IT Professionals and individuals.

Now that I am at the pinnacle of my career, I decided to share with the others. This was my main motivation for becoming the Chapter lead for Women In Tech Africa, Mauritius. Now with our various activities organized under its banner, I provide networking and cohesion among the girl population in the IT sector.

Recently, in my wish to diversify my knowledge and my business, I attempted to enter the cloth business with my Beach and Sportswear company and to my own amazement, I have made it quite far. I have a small textile business where you will find apparel ranging from beachwear, sportwear to kidwear.

Also, I am entering the restauration business, Chez Rasta at Riche Terre is proposing Mauritian and Indian Cuisine.

I should also mention that I have given entrepreneurship courses to women who have small and medium enterprises to aid the feminine cause. I have successfully trained over 50 women.

To top it all, I have been the recipient of many national and international awards.

I would like to write off by saying that I still have a lot to achieve and I will not give up while I am in the middle of my career pathway.