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Role Players 2023

Mallika Bajaj

Founder / Chief Marketing Officer
Little Yellow Beetle, Apna Dr and Ballistic Learning

Best Communications Specialist/ Digital Communications Lead for WHO-South-East Asia Region amidst the pandemic, Mallika Bajaj Named as one of India's Top Ten Women in Innovation, 40 Under 40 Business Worlds, 500 Top Quality Leaders, MSME Awards, empowers women and talented young professionals through the use of digital media. Motivated by the dual focus of her 'Digitizing India' and 'connecting India to the Digital Globe' concepts, Mallika established Little Yellow Beetle Media Pvt Ltd (LYB). As of 2023, she's focused at growing her new ventures in e-learning as Ballistic Learning, as well as an e-healthcare platform ApnaDr. which helped save lives across India, and for those with family in India, while living away in the darkest times of our era, the COVID-19 pandemic. Mallika is dedicated towards making both e-healthcare, e-learning affordable. accessible. anywhere. Apna Dr has gone one to receive CNBC Incredible Brands of India, 2022.

Mallika is known for coining the notion of 'Creating Kinder Content'. She aims to reengineer our digital future, creating innovations with purpose and more meaningful narratives for future generations.