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Role Players 2023

Apple "ALLY" Allison

S.M.I.L.E.S. Specialist, #TAAPworld
Inspiring Storyteller and Social Influencer,

Apple "ALLY" Allison is a multi-awarded S.M.I.L.E.S. specialist with a heart for developing experiential homegrown brands and designing sustainable tourism destinations and products in Asia.

She is a dynamic marketing and communications professional with strong interest in Tourism, Technology and Transformation. Recognizing her initiatives in digital transformation and tourism marketing advocacy, she has been featured by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as one of Women in Tourism. She is purposefully passionate about Cross-Cultural Understanding and Promotions as well as community empowerment through education.

Ally is an inclusive growth accelerator and an advocate of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG2030). She actively engages multi-stakeholders to #ACT4SDGs through community and capacity-building activities. She spearheaded the grassroots global movement #YCCShareResponsibly which aims to equip the local youth with digital knowledge and skills for content creation and responsible blogging for Sustainable Tourism in the hope of transforming them as Young Community Champions of the Global Goals.

To accelerate the role of Women in Tourism and post Covid-19 Inclusive Recovery, she initiated the start-up as a platform and community to educate, engage and empower women with relevant digital knowledge and practical marketing skills to thrive in the better normal. As the chief initiator and community activator of #WiTCircle, she aims to accelerate local adaptation and strategic implementation of the UNWTO recommendations for inclusive recovery.

Using her interdisciplinary education and insightful experiences in media studies, marketing, technology, social emotional learning and human resource development, Ally enthusiastically prime independent homegrown brands, MSMEs and tourism-related enterprises in ASEAN to be globally competent and competitive.

She is a national trainer for the Philippine Department of Tourism and the lead trainer-facilitator for the Tourism Promotions Board Philippines' Marketing Enhancement Program for Community-Based Tourism (CBT).

A distinguished international speaker, expert trainer and resource person for government agencies, MICE organizers, private companies, organizations and universities, Ally has earned the trust and confidence of decision-makers and stakeholders.

At her best, Apple "Ally" Allison inspires change and development with thought-leadership, visionary innovation & expressive influence. Staying true to her purposeful passion and mission of #MakingADifferenceOneTripataTime, she continues to create and share her insightful experiences through her Sole Searching Soul journey.