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Role Players 2020


Executive Director
Rising Child Foundation

Taibat Hussain is a Development Enthusiast whose work is at the intersection of Education, Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurshipand Public Leadership. She is a well-known champion of women's right in Nigeria with over three years volunteering experience working with organizations focusing on education for sustainable development, child rights and promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence.

As the Executive Director, Rising Child Foundation,she has been able to mobilize support fund from stakeholders to execute different programs. Her experience working at the community has enabled her to identify some of the challenges faced by young people (most especially females) in a rapidly changing society and she has translated her expertise into advocacy forequal education for all, women empowerment andyouth inclusion and participation. Her values and ideals are evident in the ground-breaking successes of many of the beneficiaries of her efforts and are attributable to her unflinching commitment to making the world a balanced and better place.

Taibat is skilled in community mobilization, mentoring and advocacy. She is a respected advisor, thought leader and commentator on issues of Education, Women Advancement,Social Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. She is reflective and believes in strengthening others through shared vision, insights and perspectives.