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Role Players 2019

Rfah Alyami

Ministry of Education

am a Saudi woman, who born in Alqasseem, 22/02/1979.

I have more than 14 years experience of educational leadership and management, from my practice at schools. I started leading school since 2003, and then improved my skills by trainings and studying master programme and doctorate programme in this area. I have also improved my knowledge and experiences by engaging with British schools through Bolton Council, starting from September 2013, as a governor member to monitor and lead schools in Bolton. I used to work as a director of Development Unit at Arab East College for Graduate Studies. In addition, I taught educational research methods for master degree. I have an experience to work in different roles such as; counselor role coordinator, researcher at the research center and consulting studies, as well as making workshops for staff and students from different levels at King Saud University, Princess Noura University, and Arab East College. These workshop focuses on conducting research, qualitative inquiry and research methods.

I have strong skills in doing presentations in Arabic and English with self-confidence, where these skills have been acquired during my study and in the workplace. I gain these skills starting from kindergarten, in media and then in the primary and intermediate school where I had an opportunity to introduce different kind of morning programmes (school assembly) weekly. After that, I had done several presentations and Dramas in the College and universities during my study. I have also attended training in 2012 about how to do an effective presentation provided by the University of Reading. I enjoy working with team as it my interest and preference, where ethics and commitment are key features and principal to me.