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Role Players 2019

Rakhi Deshpande

Director - Talent Acquisition
Xoriant Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Rakhi lives by endless optimism and dedication to her work. She was raised to believe in continuous learning and uncompromising integrity. She graduated in law, and after brief stint as a lawyer, she pursued a degree in computers. It was only when she had the opportunity to work with the human resources team that she found her true calling.

In her words, "making people your work is most exciting! The surprises and novelty are unceasing."

Rakhi believes her journey from an intern to a director of talent acquisition in a multinational organisation has been transformative. From working in a traditional resume push recruitment function to now embracing the digital era for talent acquisition has been quite exciting. She says "there was a time when we would have 500 candidates turn up for a weekend walkin, and the all India offer numbers would cross 1000+ in any given week. Now we pursue relevant talent and seek passive professionals." Rakhi is a thought leader in digitising talent acquisition and has several successes in this area. She has conceptualised and helped develop a video interview platform, developed a mobile app dedicated to recruiting, and is looking forward to introducing a chatbot within the app, in step with the AI era.

According to her "a paradigm shift from recruiting to 'candidate is customer' will be the key driver in the near future. Potential candidates will evaluate recruiters much like today's consumers evaluate brands and services. Organisations are being monitored very closely, consciously and subconsciously, by the talent market. Being on top of the digital game is the only way to attract the best talent."