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Role Players 2019

Padmini Gupta

CE0 / Co-Founder
Rise In

Fintech CEO developing a sustainable growth path for millions of migrant workers, in the Middle East.

Advisor and investor in several start-ups in the region.

Managing her families' businesses and assets gave her an in-depth view into the UAE market and business practices.

A Global Leadership Fellow of the World Economic Forum, MBA from the University of Oxford, and Bachelors from the University of San Diego in Finance.

Padmini was selected as a World Economic Forum's Global Leadership fellow - one of 30 selected globally from thousands of applicants. She worked on the Gleneagles Dialogue – set by Prime Minister Tony Blair – to develop business agreements on climate change for the G8 governments. She engaged heads of government, multi-national corporations, and NGO's to determine these principles for the mobilities industries. Her entrepreneurial foresight enabled creation of new projects, including smart cities, where she enabled engagement on urbanization and the rights of movement of people and goods. She diligently worked with the North America team in engaging with leading Senators and Cabinet Secretaries, on topics related to security, climate change, and urbanization.

In her banking career, Padmini was a leader, building strong portfolios, engaging with her clients, and developing outreach programmes that allowed her institutions to benefit from community engagement. She was a key advisor to the San Diego US SBA, including speaking on international trade and development, and working on pilot programs with them. She also developed a lending program which was technologically forward thinking, while allowing credit worthy clients to obtain funds.

Padmini has been awarded by the US SBA for her efforts in engaging disenfranchised groups in the USA. She has served on the City of San Diego Reinvestment Task force and Accion's Banker's Board.