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Role Players 2017

Stéfanie Vallé

Executive Coach, Sr. Consultant and Facilitator.

Stéfanie Vallée is an Executive Coach, Sr. Consultant and Facilitator. She is a public figure on the Canadian scene in Shanghai, based on her unique combined profile of former athlete and artist, which differentiates her from her fellow corporate coaches.

Her past performances both in sport as a National Team athlete in white water kayaking (she achieved 10 National Championship titles, 3 World Class top 5 against all odds in between 2003-2012), and International Artist (she sold an artwork to Ma Huateng in 2013 for RMB1,9 M) all demonstrates her high capability to merge diverse talents and inspire others developing their full potential.

Based on her achievements, she believes everyone has unique skills set to develop and share amongst global organizations. This makes her passionate about accompanying Top Leaders and F100 companies growing to their full leadership potential.