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Role Players 2017

Milena Schwager

GEB TV Productions and Entertainment

Milena Schwager is the owner of GEB TV, a television, film and video production company she founded to create programs of substance and timeliness for international audiences. She is an award-winning journalist and producer. She began reporting on political and economic changes in Eastern Europe, and the wars in Yugoslavia during the 1990s. for CNN, BBC and other international Broadcasters. While working as a news producer for CNN in Washington DC, on subjects like President Clinton's impeachment, women's trafficking and 9/11, she also continued filing stories and documentaries on Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and other areas of military, economic and social conflicts..

Milena speaks four languages and has produced and directed in Asia, the Middle East, the US, Latin America, Russia and Europe.

Milena served on the board of the Washington Film and Video Council, and is an active member of Women in Film and Video. She is a member of the US National Press Club. She holds several well known international awards.

In 2006 Milena opened a branch of her company in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Since then her company has produced, developed and consulted on a numerous TV shows, documentaries, TV series, Conferences and Live Events in the UAE, Arab region, and internationally, winning multiple international and regional awards.