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Role Players 2017

Michael Stuber

President & CEO - European Diversity and LGBT MARKETS
Germany's 'Diversity-Guru'

How can increasingly diverse potential be leveraged? This has been the key question in Michael Stuber's work for twenty years. While earning a degree in industrial engineering and management from the University of Karlsruhe (Germany) he had already been involved in European projects in the areas of education & employment. After four years of working with two leading consultancies in personnel and organisation development he founded, in 1997, his international Diversity firm with the two brands European Diversity and Ungleich Besser. Through his ground-breaking work, he has become an acclaimed researcher, author and speaker – known as the 'Diversity Guru'.

Michael Stuber has developed the Propelling Potential Principle to address key business issues: Inter-nationalisation, M&As and competitive pressure require new approaches to leverage increasingly diverse potential. In order to achieve this, Michael Stuber works on two levels: organisational and individual. He changes processes and cultures to make them more effective and attractive for different stakeholders. And he works with managers and employees to provide them with information and tools that enable them to operate successfully in a constantly changing business environment. The Propelling Potential Principle is Michael Stuber's systematic approach to address different challenges in a consistent way.

Innovation - Effectively combining different perspectives & approaches
Competition - Reaching out to target groups and the mainstream
Cost - Boosting productivity and efficiency through inclusion
Globalisation - Utilising cultural differences through active integration
Ethics - Building and sustaining a responsible reputation
Future of work - Mobilising individual talents by fostering inclusion

Areas of Work
Consulting - Corporate policy, quality of leadership, corporate culture & change, HR strategy & policy, marketing & communication, organisation development, diversity, inclusion, equality

Data & Analysis - Surveys, society or market data, theme or trend reports, analysis of corporate culture, best practices & benchmarking, process auditing

Communication & Concepts - Presentations, newsletters, communication on the Internet & Intranet, brochures, PR, annual reports, communication strategy & concepts Learning & Experiencing - Trainings, thematic workshops, further education, eLearning, in-house events, mentoring & networks