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Role Players 2022

Shreya Karia

Chief Strategist and Proprietor
SHK Consulting

The post-pandemic world has forever changed the way people and brands interact. It is with this mission that experienced Brand Strategist, Shreya has reconceptualised her outlook in search for a deeper more purposeful role for companies on the African continent. She is the founder of premium agency SHK Consulting.

Shreya has been at the forefront of driving strategies to shine home-grown brands on the global stage, whilst equally helping internationally renowned one's foray onto the continent meaningfully. Since inception, the company's footprint has expanded to projects not just regionally but, in the Middle East and Europe.

Shreya is committed to championing innovation, actively mentoring a younger, female generation to harness their skills into a sustainable career path. A keen writershe frequently authors thought-leadership articles for business media. Shreya has worked globally inAustralia, Europe, and Africa. She holds a Master's in Entrepreneurial Management from the European Business School, an Executive Degree in Strategic Branding from London Business School as well as a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business & Management from UNSW, Sydney.