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Role Players 2022

Shikha Sharma

General Manager
Iyas Fitness Academy

Beauty is a way of expression that goes beyond the spoken words. Beauty is about adding a tender touch to the toughest of the creations. Beauty is unadulterated and yet, evokes a blend of emotions. Because beauty is embodiment of strength in real sense.

Shikha Sharma believes in good looking body and Beauty- that makes your body look good. When she took up body building, she made sure that her feminine beauty goes hand in hand with her muscle strength.

A Certified Coach, Nutritionist and A WOMEN FIGURE PRO BODYBUILDING ATHLETE& AN OVERALL CHAMPION 2021, she is endowed with a chiseled physique and beauty that enhances her personality. She coaches people across all age groups, and holds a respectable stature in the universe of female fitness. She also has her online customized training programs for her clients, hence with her immaculate knowledge, she has touched and transformed lives of many, globally. She does a lot of motivational speaking sessions for public welfare.

As a part of her other achievements- She is a state level badminton champion, a columnist, an artist, fitness model and a corporate professional with 17+years of work experience.

Being a fitness figure competitor, she brings in an impressive image of a strong & feminine fitness influencer as an inspiration. She aspires to build and spread the importance of fit and healthy lifestyle amongst people. Her expertise covers-Maintaining healthy lifestyle, Weight loss, Body Building, Wellness & Confident personality development.

She is now residing in Dubai-UAE, working as a General Manager for one of the leading Fitness Associations which includes, fitness center-GYM and a FITNESS ACADEMY-creating versatile Personal Trainers globally.