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Role Players 2022

Mukta Arora

Managing Director - Elanco (IAC)
Elanco Innovation and Alliance Centre India LLP

A staunch follower of Steven Covey, Mukta is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, currently working as the Managing Director of Elanco Innovation and Alliance Centre, which she set up in 2019. Mukta is passionate about setting up businesses, JVs, Alliances and sees creation as her Purpose.

She started her career in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a management trainee, and then went on to lead strategic business in India and European markets building her skills in all aspects of the business and people leadership.

She has been instrumental in building some of the top flagship brands for Eli Lilly and Company. Being a champion of Transformation and a proponent of India Advantage, she has set up and led capability centers for Eli Lilly and now for Elanco in India andhas built up Global collaborations and Alliances with Indian Industry. She was instrumental in bringing about Cold chain management practices in India for temperature sensitive medicines changing the whole paradigm of distribution. She has been part of the CII Pharmaceutical Policy Committee and OPPI to represent industry for policy making. She has been a prolific speaker in Industry and academia conferences.

She sees the world as a Network of people and opportunities, likes to be a Champion of Women Leadership and Chairs the Asia Pacific Women Network for Elanco. During Covid, she has led with grit and compassion, with very high focus on Employee Safety. She has influenced the policy to ensure women with children at home, men with ailing parents at home are treated with compassion when it comes to coming back to work. Employee engagement, Inclusion and leadership development are her key areas of passion at work. Outside of work, she prefers gardening to fuel her creation instincts, golf for reflection time and travel for rejuvenation.