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Role Players 2022

Maha S. A. Kalmoor Al Raisi

Joining "Al Bashayer Meat Company" Board in 2021, Maha shows her strong determination and efforts at seeking self-growth and actualization endeavors outside of the traditional career prospects.

She has gained thorough experience in the banking sector spanning for more than 20 years. She currently undertakes the position of AGM & Head Retail Products at the National Bank of Oman. Maha has held several leadership positions at several distinguished financial institutions in Qatar and Oman. Due to her inspiring influence as a leader, Maha is featured in the "100 Successful Omani Women" Book authored by Kathleen Nejad.

Alongside many achievements, Maha remains an aspiring individual that always moves out of her comfort zone to achieve her goals and inspire people around her to achieve their aspirations.